Did Steve Jobs Use ‘The Incredibles’ To Test The iPad Idea?; Duh.

Hey guys, rumors are surfacing from MacWorld 2011 and some are speculating that Steve Jobs purposely put an iPad prototype (with obviously a giant home button) in the movie “The Incredibles” in order to see if audiences would accept such a concept.

Now, personally, it’s a no brainer. Of course he did. Why am I so certain? Because when I saw that movie with my family, I immediately thought “Damn! That’d be pretty kickass to have. I hope someone makes that!”. That was in 2004.

Then the iPad was announced in January of last year (exactly 366 days ago).

So my family and I watched The Incredibles on DVD during the summer at a sort of “camping” trip and they immediately recognized the tablet that Mr. Incredible uses as being an iPad. I thought about it and agreed, why? Steve Jobs has a HUGE stake a Pixar (or now, Disney), he has to have ways to secretly test his concepts in plain sight.

Mr. Incredible didn’t have to have a tablet, he could have received a phone call, a letter, a voice recording, even a hologram, but no, a tablet was the choice.

So for everyone at MacWorld and other Apple sites, of course Steve had something to do with it. My family and I had identified it as an iPad months and months ago, even before their “research” was demonstrated in front of an audience earlier today.

I’m sure we weren’t the only ones that realized this. Apple products have been in most, if not all, Pixar movies. Just go back and look.

The one thing that strikes me as odd is that we have yet to have FaceTime on an iPad and the prototype clearly has a front facing camera. 🙂

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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