Developer Uncovers iOS 5 Crash Log


Some interesting tid bit today, looks like the developer “Future Tap”, makers of “Where To?”, has uncovered a crash log that shows that Apple is now testing iOS 5 as well as some interesting location API.

Apple has been getting some heat from, what we dubbed as, locationgate this past week, so seeing a new location API is interesting. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb is the name of this API.

Now, to me, this sounds like a service that is constantly logging location data at a specific interval during the day, wait a minute…. that sounds familiar…

Anyways, we expect to see an iOS 5 beta on June 6th and a release in September, so make sure to stay tuned right here!

Here’s what Future Tap had to say:

“Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting.”

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