Decrypt DMGs for Fun

This guide is for restoring your UISounds in the event of randomly installing my MGS Sounds for iPhone without making a backup of your UISounds directory 😛

Theres instructions are FOR MAC, but you can similarly do the same on Windows using 7-Zip to extract the DMG once you decrypt it.

VFDecrypt is located at:
Keys are located at:

(It looks as if there are GUI apps to do this, I am going to be using command line but feel free to mess around)

If for whatever reason you can’t find the key for your current firmware, download and extract another, it will be fine.

What’s needed:
– Mac or Windows machine (instructions are similar, but Mac will be covered)
– IPSW for your current folder
– I recommend using iDecrypt listed in the VFDecrypt link above

To begin make a folder on your Desktop called “decrypt” (without quotes)
and copy your IPSW to it.

Download iDecrypt for Mac from the site listed above and move it to the “decrypt” folder.

Open the “decrypt” folder in Finder and change the IPSW extension from .ipsw to .zip and confirm the change.

Extract the new .zip and only bring the biggest .dmg file to the root of “decrypt” (In my case its 630.4MB)
You can safely remove the rest.

Now open your web browser to the Keys link listed above and find your “VFDecrypt Key” (You’ll have to click around but I think it’s relatively easy to read)
You want the VFDecrypt Key listed under Root Filesystem (should be really long)

Next extract iDecrypt from the downloaded .zip and double click on the .app to launch it.

Select your dmg using the “Select DMG” button.
Select ~/Desktop/decrypt for the output folder using the “…” button.
Copy your key from the webpage listed above and paste it in the Key field
Click Decrypt DMG and you should now have a decrypted DMG in your “decrypted” folder.

Open the DMG with the _decrypted ending and you can find the UISounds at

SSH the contents of that folder to your iDevice to restore your UISounds

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