Confirmed: Verizon iPhone 5 is UNLOCKED… But Wait…

We have received confirmation that the Verizon iPhone 5 is unlocked. This is great news for Verizon customer’s who are traveling overseas, but not so great news for T-Mobile or AT&T customers. The Verizon iPhone 5 is Model A1429 (CDMA model).

What does that mean for AT&T or T-Mobile users? Well, you will be able to run on the HPSA+ network, but Model A1429 does not support the correct LTE band for AT&T and for T-Mobile when it is available in 2013.

So if your looking for an unlocked iPhone 5 right now, go grab a Verizon model. It is officially unlocked even if purchased with a contract. As of right now we have no clue if the AT&T model or Sprint model are unlocked out of the box. As soon as we have more info we will let you know.

Please be aware that Apple will not be selling officially unlocked iPhone 5’s until sometime this October. Also T-Mobile said they would not have nano sim cards available until mid October.

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