CDMA iPhone (Verizon) News Leaked on Wall Street Journal

Hey everyone. Well, this morning, we had some interesting news coming out of the Wallstreet Journal.

On their home page, they had a “BREAKING NEWS” article that stated that Apple has a working CDMA-iPhone and that they will announce it in June/July as well as a GSM-only iPhone.

Now, WSJ reports that Apple will have 2 iPhones for sale in 2010, one with be CDMA and the other will be GSM, however, the specs are going to be identical.

The iPhone is said to be even thinner than all current iPhones! Now, according to the WSJ, the CDMA iPhone will be announed in June/July, however, production for that will start in September. Now, that puts the launch date at about January 2011.

They even specified who will build the iPhone! They claim that the CDMA iPhone will be built by Pegatron Technology Corp.

Now, the WSJ is the first major media source with information as to a CDMA iPhone, ever! Sure, everyone here has been saying something to this extent for a while, due to our sources, but the Wallstreet Journal is the first to have a story like this, they even felt compelled enough to say “BREAKING NEWS”.

Now, as you recall, I said that my AT&T source said that AT&T’s exclusivity ended as of January 2010, and right now, AT&T doesn’t have (technically) exclusivity, but Apple needed to make deals with other carriers, without deals, AT&T losing their exclusivity contract isn’t anything to us.

Now, I also said that Apple would sell iPhones on both AT&T and T-Mobile this year, and a Verizon iPhone next year, now if the WSJ is right, Verizon will welcome the iPhone a few months sooner than I expected.

However, however. Apple is said to have said “the CDMA iPhone is taking longer that we expected” so that’s why the production will start in September for a late 2010/January 2011 launch.

Now, Verizon is the #1 carrier here in the US, Apple would be opening itself to over 90 million new customers, and if you add T-Mobile, that adds up to about 200 million americans here in the US in total, with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile carrying the iPhone.

That is a MAJOR market! This move could possibly kill AT&T, AT&T has gained customers due to the iPhone exclusivity, now, without that, a lot of people are going to jump ship for Verizon. This is some scary news if you are an AT&T (T NYSE) stockholder.

As I suspected, AT&T stock has dipped 1.04% and Verizon (VZ NYSE) has gained 2.76% on the iPhone on Verizon news that has rocked the internet this morning.

Well, all we can do is wait for Steve’s iPhone OS 4.0 keynote here in about the 2nd week of April, and then WWDC 2010 in June. 🙂 I’m very excited to return and hear this news right off the bat! I hope you are all ready, because 2010 is going to be one hell of a year for Apple and us, here, at!


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