Buy Officially Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB From Apple

This page will be dedicated to the sale of an officially unlocked or also know as factory unlocked iPhone 4 32GB. LEI Mobile will be ordering a few officially unlocked iPhone 4 32GB models from Australia and selling them here. If you would like to get on the preorder list, please leave a comment below. Pricing is still yet to be determined.

An officially unlocked iPhone means that the iPhone is not tied to a specific carrier like AT&T. You will be able to use the iPhone 4 anywhere in the world that accepts GSM simcards. If you are on T-Mobile USA, this is the phone you want to get!

More information will be posted here as soon as we have it.

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  1. Josh says

    I am VERY interested. My upgrade isn’t until 2011 and the price for a 32gb that I would have to pay is $699. WAYYY to high in price. Let me know through email

    • LEI Mobile says

      Josh Unlocked ones will be more expensive. Our(USA) exchange rate sucks, plus you have to import them from another country.

  2. Josh says

    I guess people would pay that kind of money to get their phone on another network. Apple should have done this. I know many people are upset

  3. Matt says

    The whole biz of locking phones to carriers is a perfect example of corporate greed.

    If I pay full off contract price for an iPhone (like I did for my 3GS) then their is absolutely no reason it should be locked to a carrier.

    If you get a carrier subsidized, on contract phone I can see why it would be locked; if only to maintain the carriers investment in your plan commitment.

    Otherwise, make it like the iPad and let me choose my plan month to month you greedy bastards!!!!

  4. T says

    Type *639# on your iPhone and hit call and it will say of you’re eligible for an upgrade. I know on the site it says 2011 but on the phone when I did that it says ok and an AT&T employee said it was probably something like if you get another iPhone you can upgrade but you have to wait if you want a different phone.. This wasn’t me calling AT&T, it was me talking to a girl that works for them.. She said she wasn’t 100% sure but if you type *639# into your phone and it says you can upgrade then I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You can bullshit AT&T and say they broke your heart because the Text Said you could but now they won’t let you if something like that happens 😉 Sorry for this being so long

  5. Salem says

    WaW that’s so amazing. I am interested in as well.
    Plzzzz when you get it’s price, email it as soon as possible.

    Thanks LEI for your concerns

  6. Manny05 says

    I’m Interested

    let me know how much for the 16 and 32gb white iPhone 4.
    Also how are you certain that it will work flawlessly with AT&T?

  7. Sergio says

    I am very interested in buying 2 32gb iPhone 4’s, but Im going to stat with AT&T, and I want to know if it will work perfectly fine if I just slide in my current 3gs sim-card. I want to keep my current unlimited data plan, do you know if it will? I’d like to just get it from AT&T or apple store, but if it’s going to automaticly upgrade to a limited data plan, FUU……… THAT!!!

  8. Sergio says

    Idk… So far I’ve heard that you indeed CAN purchase an iPhone 4 from AT&T without a contract, but it’s NOT unlocked(so ive read), and it will cost u about $600… And also, I’ve read that as long as u owned an iPhone with a contract(I’m guessing from anytime before June 7th) that you will be able to keep your current unlimited data plan if you’d like. I most certainly hope it’s true, because I’ll be able to take edvantage of one of those discounts that they’re giving! And I really don’t care about renewing my contract or not, cause in my area, AT&T gets just as good service as verizon, but AT&Ts is faster(IN MY AREA(north ga)), and as far as sprint or t mobile, they’re just horrible here. So…. I’m pretty happy with AT&T. I just wasn’t too siked of that limited data plan that they announced. So like I said, I hope this is true cause if it is… Then I can actually get it cheaper from AT&T….

    • LEI Mobile says

      Sergio you are spot on. You can buy the iPhone directly from AT&T without a contract. It will most likely be locked to AT&T so you will not be able to use it with T-Mobile or any other country until the iPhone Dev Team releases an unlock. You will be able to keep your unlimited data if you have it. If you want the tethering option you will have to switch plans and will lose the unlimited plan. I will create a post explaining all of this.

  9. zooyork says

    I have an iPhone from aussi officialy unlocked and love it I’m so debating on just saying screw it and go to AT&T becuase I want to be able to use the features AT&T has does anyone know if the video conferance would work I hate that I can’t use my phone and Internet unless it’s on wifi and TMO internet is so slow plus I can’t even mms unless I jailbreak it wich I love at the same time this has just been a pain in the @$$ does anyone know what will and will not work

    • LEI Mobile says

      Everything will work with T-Mobile except for visual voicemail (unconfirmed) and 3G data speeds. FaceTime requires that you are on Wi-Fi. If you have an officially unlocked iPhone, you do not have to jailbreak for T-Mobile MMS.

  10. sunny sethi says

    I live in india..some people here say that if we upgrade d factory unlocked phone it can get locked again…is that true???

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