Broadcasting Live! Now On Air!

Send me your pictures and videos from your city’s iPad launch at:

UPDATE: We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties here on, click on the link shown above, or go to, the embeded live channel is working well on Go there.

UPDATE 2: it seems as though mall police have, for some unknown reason, decided to intervene in our live broadcast. They have completely neglected the fact that we are press, and they have violated the constitution of the united states by doing this.

“Freedom Of The Press” and “Freedom Of Speech” have been violated here today. We are going to be broadcasting live once more, outside of the mall, this isn’t the end of this. We’re coming back in one form or the other.

UPDATE 3: We are coming back live soon. However, due to the sensitivity of the situation, I can’t say exactly where or what time. Just know that we will be back live within the next 2 hours. That can be after or before (rather before) those 2 hours. We’ll be back.

This isn’t over.

UPDATE 4: Brandon made an oopsie. The 1st amendment is not “Freedom Of Press”. I just now saw the video. He said that he was furious and he apologizes, but that he was just so mad (I am as well).


  1. Infectedco says

    Wow that is really lame. WTF is wrong with people. Nobody in their right mind should care about media showing the launch of a revolutionary device. This is really a case of the stupids.

    • says

      Exactly. I have no idea what the hell is going on. I mean, he had the press badge, we’re members of the press, you can’t just toss people out like that. What’s wrong with them?! Apple is behind this, Best Buy had a “no video” policy with us when Brandon went there to see if he could get some more video a few minutes ago.

  2. brandon says

    Yea I know it’s elfin ridiculous but im at best buy now just playing around on one lol

    YAY FOR BEST BUY!!!!!!!!

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