BREAKING: Verizon Confirms $30 Unlimited Data For iPhone

Hey guys, breaking news hitting us moments ago. It looks like Verizon has officially announced that the iPhone will, in fact, have unlimited data for $30 month!

Verizon COO Lowell McAdam has announced this ahead of their investor’s meeting. He said “We’re not looking to shoot ourselves in the foot” referencing how AT&T killing unlimited data was not a step Verizon was going to make anytime soon.

To me, this is amazing news. From the way Lowell McAdam said this, it sounded like unlimited data would be around for quite a lot longer. This was the deciding factor for me switching to Verizon from T-Mobile and it looks like they know what’s going through consumer’s minds.

Your move AT&T.


  1. Agreeablecorpse says

    Well, now its up to Att to decide if they want to keep me as a custom or not. I would prefer to stay on a GSM network but I have 5 lines and 3 are iPhones so cost is a factor.

    • says

      Wow! That’s a lot of lines 😛 And yeah, we are hoping that they would reduce their prices and bring back unlimited data now that there is a competitor.

      We’ll have to wait and see

      • Agreeablecorpse says

        I’m hoping so too. My 2 elderly parents are asking if they can upgrade to iPhone’s, that would put me at 5 for 5. ( I wonder if I can disable FaceTime on they’re phones : )

        • says

          Yeah. I’m movin my parents to Verizon with me over the Summer. 🙂 I agreed to pay 60% of the bill and pay part of their iPhones. My dad has an iPhone 3G and hates how slow it is.

          We’re all on T-Mobile right now (I’m on pre-paid, thry are on FlexPay). Before this we were on AT&T, and before that on Verizon, lol.

          You can disable it 🙂

          What I wanna know is if FaceTime will work over 3G on Verizon.

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