BREAKING: Stop the Secret Location Logging

UPDATE: As you may know by now, there’s a tweak on Cydia named Untrackerd which will delete the consolidated.db file every 5 minutes the iPhone is awake by way of manipulating the database entries themselves. While this method is from a more well known programmer, it does install a launch daemon which is constantly running to do this and potentially causing battery drain. My method simply deletes the original, makes a dummy and prevents iOS from being able to update it with new data.

Either method, mine or their’s, will work well but it’s a matter of preference.

I don’t like a huge list of where I’ve been everytime I open a location-based app so I did something about it πŸ˜›

If you check our repo ( theres a new package called Track Me No More which should stop iOS from being able to log location data that can be extracted through backups!

Now this is a very, extremely, beta package so it may have side effects I don’t know about, but it’s better than turning off location services altogether ^_^

Have fun and give some feedback on here.


  1. Grant says

    I was just wondering, do you have the file location of the location log so I could just SSH in there and delete it myself? I don’t mind SSHing into my phone and it would be cool to have a surefire way to nuke it. πŸ™‚

  2. Ben says

    This totally disabled my GPS, and by disabled i mean, it was active and said that i was at the last location that i used the gps at, 1 hour away from my current location. i light of that i uninstalled it and now it’s working again.

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