BREAKING: Second Shipment of iPad 2 Already?

There are some scattered reports floating around that some Apple stores are getting, or have already gotten by this point, a second shipment of iPad 2’s.  It seems to be very sporadic as to which stores got them and if they will even tell you about them.  Although, some stores are confirming that they are opening early today.

Was Apple able to push production for more units after seeing the “amazing demand” for the iPad 2?  Or, was Apple holding back because they didn’t know how they would sell and now that the Japan Earthquake took center stage on the initial launch, they are hoping for another media covered 2nd launch? My guess is that since they had them available at every outlet, including Walmart, Target, and Bestbuy, is that the markets that didn’t sell them off were asked to ship them back so they could send them back out to the high demand areas.

I don’t know if any stores up here in the Minneapolis area will be having this second wave, so if you have seen lines or reports around your area, post them in the comments below.

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  1. says

    IDK im going in a few minutes here in Austin to see… i got two apple stores to hit, Barton Creek Mall and The Domain Mall…. Surely they have some…. BUT FIRST I NEED FOOD!!!!

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