BREAKING NEWS: References To 3 New iPhones, iPod touch G4, and iPad G2 Found!

Well what do ya know? Apple is super busy today (and apparently, they are actually doing some work, rather than having their goons kick press out of the malls) anyways, BGR reports that iPhone/iPad OS 3.2 has references to an “iPhone3,1”, “iPhone3,2”, “iPhone3,3”, and an “iPod4,1” and even an “iPr0d2,1”. I can confirm this.

Now, why 3 new iPhones? Because I have been right for an entire year now. There will be a GSM only iPhone (iPhone3,1), CDMA/LTE (mabe LTE) only iPhone (iPhone3,2), and a GSM + CDMA iPhone (iPhone3,3). Now, what I was wrong on was the iPhone OS 4.0 keynote. In July of 2009, i predicted that we would see a keynote in late March, but that has not materialized. I expect the keynote to be this month.

So a new iPod touch, that’s normal, but a 2nd gen iPad?! really? Yep. Apple is already working on the 2nd gen device. What type of product launch pattern they will take with the iPad isn’t clear, but I expect them to follow the 1 new iPad a year routine that they’ve taken with the iPhone and iPod touch, and well, all of their products.

So there you go everyone! This basically confirms what I have been saying about AT&T’s exclusivity. It’s dead, and it’s not coming back! A great day nonetheless.

I’ll be making a video piecing together various pictures and clips that we get throughout iPad launch day 2010!


  1. T says

    I’m guessing the new ipad will be one that works with verizon or something…. If that’s what they are gonna do with the iPhone, it makes sense that they would do it with the ipad too

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