BREAKING: LEI Mobile 5.0.1 Now Available!

Hey guys, our first update to LEI Mobile 5 has been approved for iTunes distribution. We have added a few vital bug fixes, including fixing the annoying “eternal badge” bug. We also added a new capability, we now support opening the application in any orientation on launch, before, we only supported opening the application in portrait mode.

As always, since we fixed some bugs, we also took the opportunity to slightly boost the performance.

We WILL be bringing more updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information on that.

Go ahead and download the update right now! If you don’t have LEI Mobile yet, click here to go to the App Store and grab it! It’s free and you are alerted anytime we post an article!

Here’s the full changelog:

Adds Support For Launch In All Orientations On iPad
Fixes “Eternal Badge” Push Notification Bug
Fixes “Stop” button
Loads LEI Mobile homepage on start
Shows Build Number
Improved performance
UI Fixes

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    • says

      Apple has to update both App Stores in all of their countries, and I assume they update the iPhone App Store first, then the iPad App Store from what I see. And I agree, my iPad (on iOS 4.3) just now showed the update, when my iPhone showed it up rather quickly.

    • says

      Yep! That was one of the bugs we squashed with the update. Rather simple fix, but then we discovered a few more bugs and we squashed those too. We also added the full orientation support feature to iPads so you can open it and use it regardless of orientation when it’s opened. 🙂

    • says

      Yeah, I can confirm it appearing in iTunes, my iPhone, and my iPad’s App Store updater, as well as 20 other people’s in various countries and even a street away. 🙂

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