BREAKING: iOS 5 Beta 6 To Be Released On August 18th

We have received word that iOS 5 beta 6 will be arriving on Thursday, August 18th. Now, we had projected iOS 5 beta 6 to be released on August 19th, but it appears that a file was discovered in iOS that details when the next beta of iOS 5 will arrive. According to the finders, they discovered this in iOS 5 beta 4 and it predicted the (unexpected) Saturday release of iOS 5 beta 5.

If Apple really is detailing plans of the next version of iOS 5 betas, then could it be possible that we get a leaked date for iOS 5 GM? Probably not. Apple will probably encrypt this file and place it in a database in time iOS 5 beta 6 (still a week to go), or at least before the last beta is released.

Apple is big on secrecy, which is why this discovery is odd in itself, but if Apple does indeed release this next Thursday, then we may all have a new source we can rely on for iOS 5 beta news. 🙂

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  1. Joepa says

    Well it’s Thursday, 12:20pm, Honolulu and Apple has not released 5 beta 6 to Developers. I guess the source is not reliable.

    • says

      Well, it’s not really a “source”, per-say, it’s something in iOS 5. Also, Apple usually releases iOS 5 betas pretty late in the day, about at 5-7pm (central), and it’s 7:42p.m. right now, and it seems like we may have to wait until tomorrow for an iOS update.

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