BREAKING: Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak Leaked; Comex Responds

Well, here we go again, it seems as though a hacker’s hack has been prematurely released, due to a leak. Apparantly, Comex says his repository was hacked and people were able to download the jailbreak and redistribute it.

He is also urging people to save their iPad 2’s SHSH with TinyUmbrella so that they can jailbreak later.

Comex responded to the indent by saying the following:

Congratulations, some moron used a dictionary attack(?) to leak a buggy version and put me on a useless time limit.

Let’s hope the time limit isn’t too short… hasn’t been in the past but could always change. Everyone use TinyUmbrella and save 4.3.3.

Again, we don’t condone what happened here today. This is unfortunate since it is the theft and redistribution of a very respected jailbreaker’s work and it most likely killed the exploit for iOS 5.

Here is a video of the jailbreak:


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