BREAKING: Apple Pulls Original Verizon iPhone Parts Video; Skype Leaks Verizon iPhone In Support Document

Hey guys, it’s coming down to the wire. CES is here, but Apple’s event is coming very soon. To start off, we have some breaking news concerning the Verizon iPhone parts that were caught on video earlier today, Apple has forced YouTube to pull the video showing the parts a few moments ago (you can still see the video here by clicking here).

It is now very clear that Apple is indeed working on a next-gen device and that it’s coming in the next few weeks if production/manufacturing parts can just be obtained this easily. Apple has indeed slipped up on this one, if I were them, I would have left the video, because if the company does something concerning leaks (as they did with the iPhone 4 prototype) then everyone has nothing to do but to confirm the rumors.

Now, in other news, Skype has released some interesting support documents. The support document looks straightforward enough, it’s about making video calls on Skype using your iPhone, however, there is a Verizon logo in the top. When logos are placed like this, it signifies a partnership or collaboration between the two companies.

Verizon & Skype have worked together before but no documents have ever discussed the iPhone in a collaborated document. This is increasingly a sign (based on the mountains of leaks and rumors) that the Verizon iPhone is coming, and it’s coming at you in just a few weeks.

More to come…

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