BREAKING: Apple & Google Testifying To Congress On Locationgate

Hey guys, Apple and Google are testifying at a Congressional hearing right now, I am watching Live on the Sunlight Foundation’s website in an annotated live feed.

The hearing is in reference to locationgate. Apple and Google are speaking to congress on what they do with your location and whether or not you can turn it on or off.

At this time (10:26 a.m.) Apple is testifying and restating that they do not share any of your location data nor does any of your location data get transmitted to the mothership and that they fixed the “bug” that made it so that if you turn off “location services” that it actually turns them off.

At (10:32 a.m.) Google has said that consumers should know that carrier’s cellular records can be obtained without a warrant and nothing online is protected by the 4th amendment rights in the Constitution of the United States as opposed to the desktop, which is protected under a “25 year old privacy bill”.

You can watch live by clicking here!

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