BMW Apps: iPhone Integration Lets You Stream Pandora, Music, Tweet, And Post To Facebook

BMW Apps, is included on BMW vehicles beginning with March 2011 production. it lets you connect your iPhone to your car and easily run a handful of apps through the car’s navigation screen.  You can stream your favorite internet radio stations over 3G, or use your Pandora app that has been updated to work with BMW’s apps.

You also have the ability to run social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter.  These are trimmed down versions of the apps that let you quickly see your friends’ updates and you can also quickly post pre-composed statuses such as “I am online in my BMW with BMW connected.”

These are all very neat features and I hope to see other manufactures integrate iPhones and iPads into their vehicles because I will not buy a BMW. The BMW app, Called BMW Connected is pretty cool. It lets you track the location of your vehicle and see some imported information like fuel and miles traveled.

Here are a few videos showing off how everything works:

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