AT&T Requires a Call for Personal Hotspot

Well just as I feared. Currently AT&T has it setup to where you must activate a particular (overpriced?) plan in order make use of Personal Hotspot. As for other carriers we’ll have to wait until Mike can maybe update his factory unlocked iPhone so we can check with T-Mobile. Bad way to start off the year AT&T.

So I took a harmless peak into AT&T’s site and well a few things %&$$ me off big time.

It’s inconceivable that they still bother to have these options available. Could someone tell me the difference between Regular and Enterprise and why it deserves a $15 overprice?

Name the mistakes here guys ^_^

AT&T you aren’t Jesus of the U.S iPhone Market anymore! It’s time for a change. You can do it, you have the technology and soon a reduced customer base.

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