AT&T Moves Up Nearly Everyone’s “Upgrade Eligibility” To June!

Well everyone, the news keeps on rollin along. It seems as though AT&T has moved up most, if not all, new phone upgrade dates (some stretching as far as November) to June. Some reported cases say June 20th.

Now, as you all know, my prediction for the launch of the next iPhone is set for June 18th and a June 16th release for the iPhone OS 4.0 software. This would fall right there with what I predict to happen.

So if you are one of those unlucky people who are still on AT&T, I would suggest looking at your upgrade eligibility right about now…


  1. T says

    So is that for 3gs owners too? Because the 3gs came out only like a year ago and we had to sign 2 year contracts so .. Can we upgrade too?or have to pay full price

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