AT&T Internal Memo Details That iPhone 4 & iPhone 3G S Pre-Orders Are Temporarily Suspended

Even more news coming out of AT&T this morning (just when you though there couldn’t be more to say, there is!). It seems as though AT&T has sent out a memo internally detailing how they can’t do iPhone 4 pre-orders anymore due to the issues that have arisen. This is temporary of course, but still a move that will surely make their stock drop.

I agree, this may be the only thing they can do. If they can’t manage a day with these things and fix the issues, why keep having pre-orders to pile onto the crap they have already done.

Here’s the memo:

Pre-orders for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS 8GB are Temporarily Suspended

Effective close of business on June 15, 2010, the ability to place pre-orders (new activations, upgrades and exchanges) has been temporarily suspended.  There is a special team that will be manually working all pre-orders from June 15th that were held in a pending status.  Under no circumstances should new pre-orders be attempted in the system.

This suspension impacts Phoenix, Premier, OPUS (COR), and System X (DMDR).

Please stay tuned to future bulletin communications for any updates

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