AT&T Customers Being Hacked As Apple & AT&T iPhone 4 Pre-Order Systems Crash

Here is some breaking news hitting us just a few moments ago. It seems as though AT&T customers are not only unable to pre-order an iPhone 4 from either AT&T or Apple, but now, malicious hackers are making their way into AT&T’s system once more and are hacking into people’s accounts.

This is a warning to all, DO NOT attempt to pre-order an iPhone 4 right now. Maybe even until tomorrow. Your account WILL BE HACKED! Keep in mind that your credit card and social security numbers are used to sign you up with AT&T.

The hackers are not yet known and hundreds (if not thousands) of accounts have been hacked already and it’s only 11:25am (Central time).

So, be careful out there. Wait it out and don’t rush to go get it. I would even go as far as to wait for AT&T to fix their systems and bl0ck this ridiculous exploit.

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    • says

      You will see weird things going on in your account. Some people have reported address changes, password changes, location changes, weird plan changes, phone purchases, etc. just weird stuff in general. take a look at your account and change your password ASAP.

    • says

      Yeah, AT&T is doing a pretty shitty job at protecting it’s customers from Cyber Attacks.

      I haz iPad too, but I wouldn’t mind having an iPhone 4 instead of my iPhone 3G. 🙂

  1. Phil says

    Well this sucks i stayed up all night refreshing my laptop and was excited and was going to preorder the WHITE iphone 4 and they didnt have it then after awhile i decided to just get the black one now i cant even get the black one and have been trying to preorder one for hours and my account could be hacked what a crappy day

  2. says

    Phil: Yeah, it sucks.

    Rob: Everyone, apparently according to my sources, whether u ordered an iPhone 4 or not. If u by any chance logged into ur AT&T account today, u are at high risk for a hack

  3. T says

    Oh I reserved off apple.. Am I fine? I might have signed into my apple acount, is this only sign in?

    • says

      No, you’re still at risk. Apple checks with AT&T and logs you in so they can sort out the contract stuff. Everyone is affected. Basically, if you have anything to do with AT&T, you are at risk. They still havent found out the exploit.

  4. Ben says

    I was hacked! 3,000 dollars was taken out of my debit card account after I tried to order an iPhone 4! I am so pissed! Does anybody have any suggestions? Is there a way to get my money back? Should I sue Apple or AT&T?

  5. says

    Ben: I would report it to AT&T, notify your credit card provider, notify your bank, notify the police, and yes, I would consider searching for a lawyer and a private investigator to get your money and identity back.

    Try to track down where the withdrawals are coming from, but notify those people ASAP.

    I’m really sorry to hear that.

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