AT&T CEO Threatens With Legal Action After Customer E-Mails Twice In A Week

Well, just another reason to give AT&T the middle finger. It seems as though one of AT&T’s customers emailed AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson twice in a week about relatively harmless things.

The emails seemed relatively reasonable, too. The first was “a request to bump up his iPhone eligibility date and a request for a tethering option,” with the second was a complaint about AT&T’s new data rates.

However, the person who emailed was later called and was told “thank you for your feedback, but if you email again, were going to file legal action against you”.

What the hell. Looks like AT&T does hate it’s customers as much as I thought. Looks like their stupid CEO is a super jackass, seeing as Steve Jobs replies to even a few emails, and doesn’t threaten with legal action.

Apple. If you haven’t already done so.. DROP AT&T! It is bad PR for you and its also bad business to keep this stupid god forsaken exclusivity contract.

Ugh, WWDC, please have some surprises.


  1. Infectedco says

    You need to get on top of things. The was yesterdays news.

    Most of the time you guys are on top of things but lately not so much

    • LEI Mobile says

      I didn’t think that this was a noteworthy story to post yesterday, but apparently Alan did a day later lol

  2. says

    Today was a slow news day. So I had to do it.

    I’m sorry man. But you know, this isn’t what we do, I go to school at my high school (finals are next week), Brandon is now in College, and Mike has a full time job.

    But I do agree, well have to try harder. Just want to keep people updated with something everyday, even on slow news days.

    Yesterday, we posted that even sooner than Engadget, Boy Genius, and TUAW. Trust mem, I checked. Lol. We beat TUAW by like 3 hours.

  3. T says

    Ya the exclusivity contract is only good for AT&T employees. But even tho I haven’t done it a lot, I will miss being able to talk on my Bluetooth or speakerphone and search the web or something at the same time. I heard you can’t do that with verizon, if you can then nvm :P.

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