April Fools!… Kinda…

Hello everyone, I’d like to start off by saying that this article is kind of important, so make sure to read it entirely!

Well, my little prank was probably the worst timed one ever. About 3 minutes after I posted my fake resignation letter from LEI Mobile, we went offline as the transfer to the new server took place. -_-

Anyways, we are back online (as of 10:48 p.m.) on our brand new server. We made the switch to a new server because the previous one was very outdated and couldn’t hold its own with the increasing number of users.

This new server screams.

So that’s everything on the server side of things.

Now, on to my April Fools joke. I said that I was resigning from LEI Mobile, that’s not true. I love you guys and I love LEI Mobile too much to just walk away.

However, I will be stepping away from LEI Mobile for the next 2 weeks. 2 weeks?! Yes guys, 2 weeks. I just think it’s time for a vacation, I haven’t had one in over a year.

Don’t worry, it’s just me leaving for a little while, you’ll still get your fix. Everyone on the LEI Mobile team will still be writing news and things as usual, you just won’t see any from me.

So there you go guys.

I’ll see you all back on April 18th!

– Alan


  1. says

    You really disappointed me when you posted that prank, I actually unsubscribed from your RSS feed when your site went dead.
    Next year, please just dream up some unrealistic application or product. ;- )

    • says

      I’m sorry man. The site going down was completely out of no where. It was my understanding that the site transfer would be on Monday, not yesterday, lol. That wasn’t part of the prank.

      I also hoped that my post would have given away that it was a prank when I said that I loved Microsoft and Android, lol.

      Well, I’ll see ya back on the 18th. 😀

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