Apps That Desperately Need To Be Redone

The invention of mobile Internet has turned the smartphone into an essential, everyday tool for many people. The ability to access the Web from a device that easily slips into the pocket makes our complicated lives so much simpler. Software developers from all around the world have produced thousands of cell phone apps to turn the smartphone into a micro-computer that can do just about anything you can imagine. Unfortunately, quantity over quality is certainly the case with mobile apps these days. Many arrive plagued with bugs and in next-to-useless condition. Here are a few apps that definitely need a major overhaul.

Chase Mobile

On-the-go banking is one of the more useful features of smartphones, and developers have been quick to release numerous mobile banking apps to fuel the demand for this type of service. With JP Morgan Chase being one of the four largest bank chains in the United States, it’s no surprise that an official Chase banking app is available. This app gives users 24/7 access to their bank accounts–something that is very convenient for business owners, investors, stock traders, and anyone else who has a Chase account. The app allows you to: check your account balance and transaction history, pay off bills and credit cards, send wire transfers, make deposits, transfer money between accounts, modify pending transactions, manage your cards, and more. While the sheer amount of things that you can do with the app is impressive, there are a number of serious issues with Chase Mobile.

After the IOS 7 update, tons of users were unable to log into their accounts. The error message stated that account info could not be retrieved, and access was continually denied even when inputting the correct username and password. Many users even restarted the program, reinstalled it, or reset the phone to no avail. In the end, Chase Mobile is useless if it can’t be accessed, even if it’s pretty solid otherwise.

Other issues that were reported include: failure for check deposit to go through, bill payment not going through, no option to view submitted checks, denial of account-to-account transfers, denial of external transfers, a freezing number pad that inhibits fund transfers, an unintuitive user interface, and outdated graphics design. Admittedly, most of these problems don’t arise all the time, but they can surely create a boatload of trouble for people who have strict deadlines to meet.


Paypal is one of the most widely used money transferring websites on the Web. Some workers get paid exclusively over Paypal, and others pay for purchases on eBay and other online retailers using Paypal. For those who use this service regularly, downloading the Paypal mobile app is a no brainer. While the app supposedly offers the same general options as the actual website including sending and requesting money, credit card management, and account management, this software doesn’t live up to its claims.

First of all, the latest updates have “revamped” the user interface, but this modification backfires because the new app is far less user-friendly. Switching between menus feels weird, and basic functions appear to be more hidden for some odd reason. Some users even spent minutes locating the “logout” function. Aside from the downgrade in the UI, there are many other serious bugs with this app. Some users have reported getting stuck after being asked to verify personal information because both buttons to go forward and backward disappear. Another issue is that only the last four digits of bank accounts are displayed when using “add fund.” This makes it impossible to tell which bank you’re depositing to if you don’t already have account numbers memorized. Others claim that they are losing merchant info, unable to save personal info, being shown inaccurate balances, being asked to login way too often, and being denied access to the app after entering correct personal details. The horrendous UI already makes this mobile version of Paypal overly complicated, but all of the other major bugs completely ruin the functionality of the program.

Rage of the Three Kingdoms
Games are one of the most popular app types for mobile phones. This exciting card battle game is based on the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history and features legendary warriors and epic historical battles. It fills you with the ambition of a warlord to conquer all the lands. The game has received many positive reviews praising its excellent artwork, intuitive gameplay mechanics, awesome sound, and great entertainment value. However, newcomers to Rage of the Three Kingdoms won’t get a chance to enjoy it. The latest update introduced a major bug that prevents the game from loading when started up. It consistently fails to connect to a server even after tens of tries. What a disappointment.

As you can see, it’s not easy to produce a quality app. Many on the market are incomplete, buggy, or absolutely unusable. Developers should spend time to ensure that an app works exactly as planned before releasing it to the public. If fixes can’t be made to existing apps in a reasonable amount of time, developers are just wasting their time, our time, their money, and their credibility.


Jason Kane is a blogger for SOASTA, a leader in mobile performance testing. He enjoys good games, good food, and good company.


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