Apple’s Safari Web Browser Was Hacked In 5 Seconds At Pwn2Own

Hey guys, looks like Apple still has some work to do on their web browser’s security. A French security firm, Vulpen, managed to break into all of the major web browsers with ease, but Safari was the easiest to take down.

As some of you may know, companies welcome hacking competitions like this because it allows them to fix major security flaws in order to stay ahead of the competition in security.

Google has even promised $20,000 to whoever can hack their browser, looks like someone has earned some money.

Safari 5 was hacked when it was at version 5.0.3 but despite Apple’s Safari 5.0.4 update released yesterday to Snow Leopard users, 64 security flaws and bugs were fixed, but a few vulnerabilities still remained.

If only finding a permanent untethered jailbreak for all were this easy…

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