Apple WILL Pay $53m in Class Action Lawsuit for Water-Damaged iPhones

Apple is about to shell out a lot of money for the latest class action lawsuit they are involved in. $53 million dollars to be exact. Hundreds of thousands could be entitled to a $200 settlement where the owners were denied warranty because of water damage due to faulty liquid contact indicators.

Original owners of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the 1st-3rd generation iPod Touch who were turned down for warranty replacement due to the little sticker inside turning a shade of pink or red. Apple owns the patent to the indicator strips but the 3M company who makes the strips indicated that humidity and not water contact could have turned some of the white stickers pink, misleading customer service representatives who examined the devices.

The settlement is set to be filed in a San Francisco federal court in the coming weeks. We will provide more details on this case as soon as we get it.



[View the settlement via Wired]

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