Apple Watch Series 6

Watch OS7 has a new sleep app, automatic hand washing app, and can measure V02 max levels.

New navy blue color and product red color.

Can measure blood oxygen levels with series 6 in just 15 seconds.

20% faster than series 5.

even better always on display. 2.5x brighter.

Lots of new Watch Faces. New developer tools for developers to create personalized watch faces

New solo Loop band. No clasp, no buckle, no overlapping parts, just one continuous piece. Comes in 7 fantastic colors.

New braided solo loop in 5 colors.

New leather link band, new Nike bands, and Hermes band.

Family Setup allows you to use your iPhone to pair apple watches for children so they do not need their own iPhone.

Apple Watch SE, is a lower cost model. Starts at $279 or $12 per month.

Apple Watch series 6 starts at $399. Can order today and availability on Friday.

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