Apple Watch Details – Pricing from $349 to $17,000


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Apple just showed off their new Apple Watch that will be available to preorder on April 10 and Launch on April 24th. There are 3 different models available and lots of bands to make those models unique.

Apple Watch Sport will cost $349 for the 38mm model and $399 for the 42mm model.

The stainless steel Apple Watch will range between $549 to $1099.

The 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will cost over $10,000. These prices sound insane. Lets see how well these sell.
I am guessing Apple will not sell that many Apple Watches, but I may be mistaken as it is Apple after all. I was going to purchase an Apple Watch if they were priced around $250-$300, but with their pricing scheme, I think I will hold off until they release their next model, which will most likely be next year and offer better battery life and other improvements.

Talking about battery life, Apple states that the Apple watch will run the entire day. 18 hours will all functions and 72 hours on power reserve. Power reserve I am guessing is just a time telling feature.

What makes the Apple watch unique is the array of bands that they offer. Bands will retail for between $49 and $449, with additional magnetic chargers costing $29 for a 1-meter cable and $39 for a 2-meter cable. A new bands and accessories page on the Apple Online Store lists all of the available add-ons for Apple Watch. For more information on the Apple Watch head over to the Apple website.

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