Apple & Verizon Announce Service Plan Pricing For iPhone

Hey guys, back on January 11th, Apple and Verizon said that they would be waiting to announce plan pricing on the iPhone, and today, however brief a time it may have been, we saw the pricing of their plans.

Individual voice plans begin at $39.99 per month for 450 minutes, with 900 minutes available for $59.99 and Nationwide Unlimited checking in at $69.99. Family SharePlans begin at $69.99 for 700 minutes, with 1400 minutes ($89.99), 2000 minutes ($99.99) and unlimited ($119.99) also available.

Messaging options check in at $5 (250 messages), $10 (500 messages), and $20 (unlimited messages). Customers can also decline to add a messaging and plan and simply be billed at a per-message rate of 20 cents text and 25 cents per picture/video message. Family SharePlan messaging options include the same pay per use, $5, and $10 plans as on the individual track, but the $20 messaging plan includes 5000 messages for family talk customers with an additional $30 plan offering unlimited shared messages across devices on the plan.

As for data, as we reported earlier, you will only be able to get an unlimited data plan for $30 a month, but the hotspot feature will cost you an extra $20 for 2GB of data for tethering, or $20 after every additional gigabyte that you use for tethering.

To clarify, if you get tethering, you don’t get knocked down to 2GB data entirely, you still get your unlimited data, but tethering-only data is only 2GB.

So there you go guys!


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