Apple Updates Their Apple Stores With iPad 2s

Well, the big mystery of what Apple is doing has been leaked by one of the employees. It seems as though Apple is revamping the retail experience (yet again) by adding a 9.7 inch multi-touch display that lets you go in-depth on the products Apple is selling. I’m, of course, speaking about iPad 2s!

There is an iPad at every station and this is basically a console that customers will be able to use to display product prices & information for products, product features, prices, lets you compare between models, and you can even use the iPad to ask a specialist to come to you!

Apple has created some interesting iPad 2s however, they aren’t normal iPad 2s, it seems as though they aren’t connected by dock connector, but by a cord running through the back of the units, and the home button is rendered useless (multitasking gestures anyone?)

So here’s a gallery of some pictures MacStories got ahold of:

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