Apple & Sprint Working On Slow Data Speeds

A leaked internal email suggests that Apple & Sprint are, internally, calling the slow speeds as a “confirmed nationwide issue”. The leaked document suggests that Apple will be pushing an over the air carrier bundle update to fix the issues.

LEI Mobile can now confirm that the Sprint iPhone 4S is indeed seeing a nationwide slow down. I have an iPhone 4S on Sprint as well and I have noticed extremely slow speeds, only going at about 0.50mbps down and an atrocious 0.10mbps up, at the most since I bought my iPhone 4S on launch day.

The screenshot, above, is a speed test I did on my own iPhone 4S (at the time of this writing) to show you that this is not a hoax or just people complaining about nothing, this issue is indeed real.

Now, as we know, AT&T has the fastest 3G network and us Sprint customers shouldn’t expect insanely fast speeds like 7mpbs or anything, even Verizon is a lot slower, about half as fast as AT&T. However, 0.28mbps up/0.02mbps down is unacceptable. I’ve tested other Sprint devices and they have gone up to 2mbps, so after the update, I want to at least see 1.2mbps all the time.

I do believe it could be an issue with the PRL/APN that the iPhone 4S is currently using for Sprint, but Apple and Sprint should hurry up because every day that goes by, people WILL notice and people will make a fuss like they did with AT&T when they used to have the horrible coverage back in 2007/2008.

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