Apple Released iOS 9.0.1 Already

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Just days after they released the major update that is iOS 9.0, Apple has gone out and released iOS 9.0.1. This version (build 13A404) is said to bring several bug fixes and improvements. They include:

  • Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating
  • Fixes an issue where sometimes alarms and timers could fail to play
  • Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted
  • Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via a profile would lose cellular data

I am sure the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be shipping with iOS 9.0, so you will have to do an update right out of the box. That is a little annoying. Apple is also currently testing iOS 9.1 with beta testers. Expect that to be released shortly as well.

You may want to hold off updating to iOS 9.0.1 in case there is a jailbreak available for iOS 9. If there is we will keep you posted. Also, if you are currently jailbroken, you should not update or you will lose that ability.

I will post the direct download links here shortly and you can always find old iOS firmware on this page:

UPDATE: Direct download links for iOS 9.0.1:

  • iOS 9.0.1 (Build 13A404)

9.0.1 (4S):iPhone4,1_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5 GSM):iPhone5,1_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5 GSM+CDMA):iPhone5,2_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5c GSM): iPhone5,3_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5c GSM+CDMA): iPhone5,4_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5s GSM): iPhone6,1_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (5s GSM+CDMA): iPhone6,2_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (6+): iPhone7,1_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw
9.0.1 (6): iPhone7,2_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw



  1. Duane says

    why doesn’t Apple fix the issue that has been around since OS4.3? Some users lose the Flash and Flashlight operability after upgrading. I have a 5s and upgraded to 9.0 and am currently experiencing this issue. I have tried multiple remedies, but still have the issue.

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