Apple Passes Motorolla, Now #1 In U.S.!

Hey guys. Some breaking news hitting our newsroom this morning. It seems as though Apple is now the #1 phone manufacturer in the U.S.! They have just passed Motorola.

Apple sold 8.8 Million iPhones in Q2 and Morotola sold just 8.0 Million decvices.

This is a huge day for Apple. A great acvomplishment indeed. Now, Motorola wants to poo-poo on this occasion. They say that when the RAZR was popular, they sold 40.6 million devices in it’s first quarter.

This isn’t relevant. Apple is brand new to this game. They sell 1 device with phone capabilities. The iPhone. Motorolla has tons of devices! This is an even bigger win for Apple.

Congrats Steve Jobs and all of the other Apple execs and employees!


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