Apple Now Shipping iPhone 4 For June 24th Delivery

Well everyone, this has been a crazy week, especially with Apple’s god awful pre-order day. Well, if you were one of the lucky 600,000 who are getting an iPhone 4 in the mail or guaranteed in-store pickup, then your iPhone has been shipped.

Your orders will arrive on June 24th, no earlier. It’s the Apple way. They also hire security guards to keep an eye on the iPhones so that not a single one gets shipped a moment sooner. They have done this before, hell, they did it with the iPad just a couple months ago.

So just hang on iPhone 4 fans, your iPhones are on their way!


  1. fahad says

    guys guess what i just recieved an email from apple about my order. its sitting at my local fedex office??? they shipped it from SHENZHEN CN now cant wait to get it but have to wait for june 24th SUCKS

  2. says

    Fahad: Yep, there are armed guards there right now. It sucks, but that’s Apple for ya. However, if u do get ur iPhone 4 early, you know where to find us πŸ˜‰ We’d love to report on an exclusive iPhone 4 sighting and usage πŸ™‚

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