Apple Now Accepting Cash For iPad: Here’s My Hellish Story

Well well, its about time. Apple is FINALLY accepting cash so you can buy an iPad. I can’t tell you the HELL I went through to get my iPad almost 3 weeks ago. It was insane. (I got mine at the iPad 3G launch, but I just got a Wi-Fi one, I went a few hours before they closed to set up for the 3G iPad launch)

Let me tell you a little story of my experience. Well, first of all, let me just say that Apple employees are big fat liars. I called ahead asking to see if they had the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad in stock before I went, and they said “no.. Sorry, we dont have them, but we can put you on a waiting list”. I said “okay, fine, sign me up” and they are like “sorry, her is the kicker, you have to come into the store and do that”. I’m like “ugh! Fine, ill be there in an hour or so”. Now, this is at about 11:30pm.

So, I go to my only Apple Store (it is about 1:30 at this point) the Jordan Creek Apple Store which is about 15 min away from Des Moines. So we go, and, just for the hell of it I told my friend, whom I had with me, “Hey, let me see if they have an iPad, hell, mabe they lied or whatever”. So I asked the guy and he left for about 5 minutes.

When he returned, he had an iPad in-hand, there it was, that beautiful white box containing the even more beautiful iPad. I was so excited, (I am a HUGE APPLE GEEK) so I was speechless and my friend said jokingly “calm down, its gonna be okay”. So he goes to start ringing me up, and I said “I’ll be paying cash”. He’s like “cool, sounds good, let me ju…, wait, cash?”. I’m like “ummm… Yeah, see (showing him the $540 I had with me, the $540 that took MONTHS to accumulate)”. Then the employee told me something that just made my heart sink “sorry, we can’t take cash for this”.

I said in panic mode, “huh?! What do you mean you can’t take cash?!”. I had been looking for an iPad for about a week, checking Best Buy every day and the Apple Store, so I was like (in my head) “noooo!!!!! Ive come so far, I cant turn back now, what the hell am I gonna do?!”.

So he goes and says “ugh, I don’t even know, it seems stupid to me too man, I’m really sorry, I’ve had to turn away a couple people today alone because my manager says we can’t accept cash”.

So I started telling him what I had been through to even get to that point, and he was very sympathetic and helpful. I’m like (to my friend and the employee) “god damn it. It’s not like I’m gonna sell this damn thing on eBay or anything, it took me forever to even have the capability to buy this thing, why the hell would I want to sell it?” I said this because I was almost sure that this was the reason why.

He said “well, I know on launch day, we were allowing people to go to the RadioShack upstairs to get one of those visa prepaid cards”. So I begged “can you PLEASE put this on hold?! Well run there and back, just give us 10 minutes! Oh, and, with tax, how much is it gonna be?” He replied with “yes! of course, I’m going to put this in back, just give me your name so someone can get this for you, its almost time for me to leave, and with tax, it’s gonna be $528.81” I said “Alan Vazquez, and thank you soo much! We’ll be right back!”

So me and my friend ran across the mall and up the stairs (now, like I said before, I’m a huge Apple geek, and I really wanted the iPad, also keep in mind that I’m not thin by any means, lol, I’m a heavy dude) so we make it to RadioShack, and we go in there and I tell them my story about how Apple wants a prepaid visa.

Now, the RadioShack people were VERY friendly and helpful. We mingled while the transaction was bring made. I payed my $540 (due to costs of the “visa card”.) it was a reciept that had numbers that would let me use it as a card until they mailed it to me. Now, this transaction had a 30 minute safety net so that if there were any issues, they can stop the card, because it was non-refundable. So I said my “thanks! And goodbye!” to the RadioShack employees and they said “good luck!”…

As we were making our way for the door, the Apple employee that helped me and put the iPad in back ran towards us in his jacket (leaving for home). He had some bad news. He said that he had spoken with his manager and he had told him that they were not accepting the RadioShack cards anymore.

So I had to go get my money back, and they graciously did, and everyone, including the employee, had a sudden “WTF Apple” moment, and for a brief minute, we all hated Apple for all of this bullcrap.

So I went downstairs to the Apple Store, and I wanted to speak to the manager face to face. So I did. We spoke for a while and I came up with the idea to ask my mom to use her bank card to buy the iPad (I’m 16, gimme a break, I can get a credit card or anything).

So I called her, and she understood, and she said “fine, after work, well go to Apple and get it”. It’s about 2:30pm at this point. She got out at 3:30ish. So I asked them to keep the iPad in the reserved pile. They told me that they could hold it for 24 hours, then it would go to the first person who wanted it.

So, then, we had to go find something to do while we waited for it to be time. So my friend was going to buy an iPod touch 3rd gen that same day when I buy my iPad, so he got the genius idea for us to walk to Best Buy. It was like a mile there, a mile back. No car, walking, and it was like 80 degrees that day. Like I said before, I’m a heavy dude, and we don’t enjoy walking 2 miles in 80 degree weather very much, lol. (I live in Des Moines, Iowa, and weather is very unpredictable)

So, we went there and back to get his stupid iPod touch, and when we got back to the mall, we decided to go to my mom’s work and wait for her to get off work, so we could go to Apple and FINALLY get my iPad.

So, we waited and finally left at 3:20pm. We arrived at Apple at 3:30pm (keep in mind the Apple Store was closing at 4pm that day to prepare for the iPad 3G launch that was gonna be at 5pm later that day).

So we went in, and I gave them my name and they went into the back, and we waited 10 minutes, and I got some very scary news. They said “sorry, we dont have any iPad reserves with that name”. Once again, my heart sunk.

Then I told them about the employee that did that favor for me, and they went “oooohhh!!!” and they came back with my iPad. I was so relieved, so we payed with the bank card.

That moment that I took my iPad to one of those gorgeous 27 inch iMacs to activate my iPad was just a “wow” moment. Its understandable, after all I had been through.

The employee brought a pocket knife to cut the plastic wrapper. He said “I’ll let you do the honors, want to open the box? :)”. So I looked and said “hell yeah! After all we have been through today, hell yeah!”. Now, I was shaking, and when I opened that box, wow. I spent being hungry, tired, angry, frustrated, etc. all of that day and here is the reason.

Now, call me a fanboy if you want, I don’t care. I probably am, hell, I spent a day of hell to get my iPad. I use it every day, and I can never look at my iPhone 3G the same way. The smaller screen and tiny icons, look tiny to me now, all I use is my iPad at home.

So that’s my story. How’s that for a story? Now, the rest of the media are saying that it’s because of some handicapped lady? I think that is some injustice right there. Call me what you want, there wasn’t just 1 person that made Apple accepting gift cards and cash for the iPad possible.

So now I ask you a question Apple, where’s my free iPad?


  1. Brandon says

    Yeamapple is fucking retarded.. I had To go thru that crap when the iPhone 2g came out and it pissed me off… Like what US money isntngood enough?!?! Fucking ass whores

  2. RT says

    It doesn’t make sense, may be if they carry cash in the store they have to get all the security, transporting, depositing crap like that. Then should make it clear ‘You can only buy when u use plastic cards’

  3. Brandon says

    or just get rid of the no cash policy all together….. all they are trying to say is “&^ck you employees we dont trust you!”

  4. Angel says

    Fuck Steve Jobs, I hope he catches cancer again and dies. I’m so sick of these jerk offs pulling our chains

  5. T says

    I think they have the no cash policy because it’s only supposed to be 2 ipads per person and if they have cash they wouldn’t be able to manage that.. I know it’s lame and that’s why I had to set up a bank account and now I just use my debit card for everything. (I’m 17) I’m sure you could do it too. Keep up the good posts. Cya

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