Apple Is Giving Away Promo Codes To Rent Movies On iTunes

Hey guys, looks like Apple is starting to give away promo codes for iTunes so that you can rent a free movie on iTunes. This is a pretty interesting thing indeed. It may be that Apple isn’t quite selling as much as it would like to on it’s new Apple TV.

Apple has begun sending emails to select customers about the offer in hopes of creating a larger amount of rental sales. It is unclear what qualifies you as one of Apple’s chosen customers. So keep your eyes peeled to your inbox!

Now, the free movie rental promotion is limited to the US, so sorry to everyone in other countries.

Here’s what Apple has to say:

“iTunes has more than 8,500 movies, including new releases, to rent without late fees, envelopes, or queues. Try one today on us.

Redeem your free movie rental below, and start watching one of your favorite movies on iTunes. Watch what you want, when you want. Enjoy movie rentals on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, the all-new Apple TV, or on your computer. You have 30 days from the moment you rent a movie to start watching, and 24 hours to finish it.”

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      Yes, lol. It says in the article. It’s only being sent to “select customers”, not sure what the criteria is though to get a free code. Maybe having an Apple TV 2nd gen? Brandon and I will keep our eyes peeled.

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