Apple Delays New iPhone 4 Orders Again! New Date: July 14th.

Here we go, there seems to be no end to this Apple & AT&T mess. These past 48 hours have been awful for both companies and for consumers. Now, the delay for new orders before used to be July 2nd, bad enough right? Wrong. Now, as of a few moments ago, Apple changed it to July 14th.

This is not good.

To me, this signals production issues with the iPhone 4 and making enough of them. Now, Apple has this same exact issue with it’s super popular iPad.

Has Apple become a victim of it’s own success? I think so. Apple needs to double production by negotiating with Foxcon and having another company working on Apple’s devices.

Stockholders will not like this news one bit, despite the iPhone 4’s amazing success on it’s very awful and poorly prepared pre-order day, it looks like if Apple can’t speed up production, then they can’t sell as much as they could.


  1. T says

    I want to help out anyone that might have had the same problem as me. I am not sure if this is everywhere but I called the local apple store that I reserved a phone at and told them I never got a confirmation email, the site never even asked for one but it said bring ID and stuff on June 24th like it had one reserved. They told me that for anyone that had that problem, you have to go to the apple store before June24 and get a ticket by showing ur ID and stuff… Then you use that ticket on June24 to pick up your reserved iPhone. So yeah, I don’t want any of you to miss out on your iPhones that you sat on the comp all day to reserve like I did. Even if you did get a confirmation email and you reserved one at a local apple store, I think you should still call and make sure they have your name on the list or whatever. Cya

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