Apple Announces OS X Mavericks

Apple just announced their new operating system called OS X Mavericks. We can say goodbye to the cat names. It extends battery life and increases system responsiveness and has a ton of new features.

New features:

  • Finder Tabs -tabs for finder
  • Tags – tag documents or anything into finder and helpful for search
  • Multiple displays – menus across multiple displays, docks across multiple displays, pan independently.
  • Safari Improvements – finally allows you to reopen all windows from last session. Way better memory usage.  Uses less energy. Fluid scrolling in reader.
  • iCloud Keychain – remembers website log-ins, credit card numbers, wifi networks. Encrypted on your trusted devices only. This will replace the popular apps like 1Password.
  • Quick Reply in Notification Center.
  • Receive push notifications from an iOS device on your mac.
  • Notifications on the lock screen.
  • Updated Calender
  • Maps -New app just like the iOS version. Can send info and directions right to your iPhone.
  • iBooks is now on the Mac. – 1.8 million books available now.

Developer Preview Today and general release in the Fall.

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