Alan: I’m In Line At My Local Best Buy; Here’s The Madness!

[UPDATE]: I was at the Apple Store, but then I ran to the Best Buy store.

Hey guys, I am at the Apple Store and let me tell you, it’s pretty crazy. I got in line at about 2:15p.m and already, there are tons of people.

Since I’ve gotten here, about 20 more people got in line, this is crazy.

This is my first Apple launch so I’m a bit amaze at how many people want the iPad 2.

As Michael reported earlier, sold out of the iPad 2 in mere hours.

I’m going to be documenting my experience with pictures and stuff as the day goes on!

2:50 P.M.

2:52 P.M.

LEAK: Looks like at 4:00p.m. they are going to be writing who gets what. I hear they only had 101 iPads.

3:08 P.M.

I had to run to the Best Buy store. I am 8th in line! Yay!

3:11 P.M.

Only 2 people has ran here to Best Buy since I got here. Rumors say that a ton of people will be here at 4p.m.

The newer guy said Target was full of people.

3:20 P.M.

I’m at Best Buy, sitting on the ground.

Intern Tim is makin fun of me, lol. Quizzing me on iOS builds, he thinks I’m a nerd. Oh well.

Here’s what I see:

3:24 P.M.

There are now 9 more people in line. I picked a great time to run to Best Buy!

Thanks for the tip to come here Tim!

3:29 P.M.

A lot of Apple talk. Feels weird being able to talk to people about Apple stuff and getting a response, lol

3:40 P.M.

No annoying people asking if we’re in line to buy iPad 2 or people making retarded iPad jokes.

Also, as a reader noted, yes, this is no Verizon iPhone launch. There are TONS of people.

3:43 P.M.

Lol, talk of piracy & torrents is the topic now, lol.

4:18 P.M.

There are about 60 people here. I’m still #8 😛 I’ve been talking to people here, lots of cool conversations. Will be sitting in line in other launches 🙂

4:28 P.M.

I’m chillin in line. 2 min till Best Buy gives us our reserve tix

4:30 P.M.

I have video of the whole procedure, I’ll upload later.

4:47 P.M.

I’m eagerly waiting in line. I decided on a 16GB black Wi-Fi thanks to Apple’s new iTunes Home Sharing feature. I was going to get a 32GB.

4:53 P.M.

We’re here. I have video, again, I’ll upload later. An annoying alarm is going off.

4:57 P.M.

Thry finally turned it off! Still inside. I’m at the back of the store. A shout out to the guy next to me in line, sorry. I didn’t get your name.

He’s a new LEI Mobile reader! 😀

5:01 P.M.

We’re going in 1 at a time so more waiting. Best Buy staff are being assholes.

5:07 P.M.

I have my smart cover! iPad in a couple min

5:11 P.M.

They have an iPad on display. WOW! Super light, super thin!

5:25 P.M.

Just got it!

5:31 P.M.

Just drove off into the sunset. 🙂

Amazing launch. Thanks Tim & Nikki for waiting at Best Buy with me, I owe ya one. 😛


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