5 of the Most Common Reasons Smartphone Users Uninstall Apps

uninstall iphone appThe mobile apps market is like an ocean. Once you get into it, you get endless apps to explore and discover. Be it productivity, entertainment, information, songs or any other category, there is no lack of choices. There are more than a million apps on both Google Play and Apple iTunes Store. For every app category, there are a dozen decent apps that users can choose from – and out of them half a dozen are free. Smart mobile users know this, and that is why it is extremely important to make sure that your app offers a good experience to the users and does what it is supposed to do.

Mobile owners will not hesitate to uninstall your app if it doesn’t do what they expect it to do, or if it does something they don’t want it to do. So, just creating an app that works well and looks attractive may not be enough. There are little things that your app can do to turn off the users; you need to be mindful of these. The following are commonest reasons that cause mobile users to dump your apps:

#1. Complex Registration Forms
While the quality of touchscreen keyboards has improved over the years, it is still quite tedious for users to type in lots of information in mobile web forms. Customers want to enjoy your app – they are not interested in filling out a long and boring registration form. If the registration process for your app is lengthy and complex, your app may be deleted even before the customer uses it. By making sure that the forms are short and simple, you can take the pain out of the registration process. In case the user needs to sign up to use your app, you must allow her to do so via email or Facebook.

#2. Annoying Advertisements
We live in the age of freemium apps and most developers can monetize their apps only through in-app ads or in-app purchases. Most iPhone and iPad users don’t like to see ads in paid apps. So, if you are charging money for your apps, ads may drive away indignant Apple fans. Most Android mobile owners are okay with ads as long as the ads are relevant and unobtrusive. If you have a huge pop-up ad that makes it difficult for users to access the app, or if you run full screen ads that users cannot close, your app is in a big danger of being uninstalled.

#3. Buggy, Inefficient Apps
Users may let your app be even if it doesn’t look too good, as long as it works well. But, if it offers a buggy experience, there is not much chance of your app’s survival. If the app takes too long to start, crashes or freezes during use, eats up a lot of data or battery, or is not intuitive to use, you can expect lot of uninstalls. In order to make sure that users do not get rid of your app, you need to do all you can to make it flawless. If you see any complaints in the reviews section, respond quickly before they kill your app.

#4. Excessive Notifications
Push notifications can be very useful in certain situations. As a user, if I am using a medical application that reminds me to take my medication, I definitely want it to push its way to the screen and notify me. Same in case of apps that push information regarding weather or other emergencies. But when silly little games apps or social apps keep on notifying users of unimportant events, users get fed up and get rid of the app. Most users do not know how to turn of the notifications for a particular app. If the notification option of your app is on by default and you push too many notifications that are of no use to the mobile owner, your app won’t make it big on the app stores.

#5. Security Concerns
Just a couple of years, users were not aware of the privacy issues, but today most people are not okay with apps that ask for permissions and access that it doesn’t really need. For instance, most mobile users will smell a rat when a simple game app asks for location or contact list. While too many users don’t bother to look at the permissions section, there are many others that uninstall an app if they get the feeling that it is asking for more information than it needs.

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