iOS 4.0 GM and iTunes 9.2 Beta Released

If you are part of the apple development team, you can get the iOS 4 early as well as the latest iTunes 9.2 beta.  If you are not a dev member you can still join our team!  More details once we are done testing.


  1. How do I sign up?!?!

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  2. I received the invitation but can’t because I don’t have a mac:(

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  3. MrSpring

    Would love to donate and test the GM. Do you still have spots?

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  4. @RT

    Time to get on the Apple train. If you to dev for Apple you have to have one.

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  5. MrSpring

    Thanks. Went to the PayPal page, but will have the UDID later on this evening.

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  6. MrSpring

    Done :)

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  7. LEI Mobile

    The 3G needs a different firmware than the 3GS

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