iPad 3

Test and Keep the New iPad!

The iPad 3 is just around the corner. As soon as we have more details we will post the information here. There has not been a release date set for the ipad 3, but as soon as we know when the iPad 3 will be released we will let you know!

Currently you can expect that the iPad 3 will have a high resolution “retina” display. I am guessing that the cameras will be upgraded to support 1080P, we will see a slight change in the design, and it will have a larger battery. We will see an all new A5X processor. The iPad 3 will also have Siri support and run iOS 5.1.

Most likely we will see Siri integrated as well.

Well the iPad 3 was announced and it was called “The new iPad” You can find more information about the new iPad at: The New iPad