Review: Paditor Lite for iPad

paditor 1 paditor 2

Paditor is an exciting new app for creating quick powerful notes on your iPad.

This application features a mixture of your favorite text editing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, and makes text editing super simple and very functional. With Paditor, not only can you use it a word processing application for taking notes, but you can also spice up your notes using the built in draw and paint functions. You can quickly draw up a diagram or squiggle notes if you decide you do not like typing on the keyboard.

Paditor also lets you add a ton of different media options to your notes, including photos, webclips, videos, figure clips, and audio. You can record directly to your note using your iPad’s microphone. Not only can you make your normal notes interesting with media, and drawings, but you can also change the theme, document color and default font. Paditor had over 70 different fonts to choose from to really make your notes pop.

Create a new note is super easy, but first you may want to make a folder to organize specific notes. Just click on the pen tool in the upper right corner and begin your creation. Once you are finished, you will be able to see a screen shot of your note, the date created, the date last modified, and the size.

Once you are done with you note you can keep it filed away and even search through all of your notes via a text input. You can also share notes with others via email, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The only downfall of this app is that the input of your drawing seems to be a bit delayed. I am sure the developers will fix this very soon. Overall I have to say that this is a great application everyone can use including, working professionals, students, authors, and teachers. It is the perfect content editor and offers some amazing features. So go check this FREE one out today!

Paditior Lite is currently priced at the low low price of FREE. It is a fully featured version of their pro version but limited the number of documents you can create.


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Review: Dark Dreams Time Machine for iPhone

dark dreams

Dark Dreams Time Machine, developed by Maindreieck eCom, Bannkraft Media Dark, and Reinhard Dietzel, puts on new twist on how to fall at sleep at night. Traditional sleeping tools include music like raindrops, waves, white noise, or other Zen music; but Dark Dreams Time Machine flips it upside down with a complete different experience.

Dark Dreams Time Machine allows you to travel into the past to become a witness of creepy and surreal situations. If you are prone to nightmares you may not want to listen to some of these stories because it has been proven that the last few things you are thinking about is usually what you dream about. If you are into Dark Dream, than this app is just for you. It will guide you on an amazing adventure before you fall asleep as it helps to produce amazing and wild dreams. Who knows, maybe it will help you fall asleep better than raindrops will do. You wont know until you try it out!

This high quality audio experience features millions of years of history and you can even go back to the dinosaur age. You can spend the night in Transylvania with Dracula, walk along with Jack the Ripper, as well as other very spooky experiences.

Dark Dreams Time Machine is currently available on the Apple AppStore for $0.99 and is a great way to change the way you fall asleep.



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Apple Just Released iOS 7.1.1


Apple just released iOS 7.1.1 as well as iOS 6.1.1 for the Apple TV. This updated is said to fix important bug fixes and you should not upgrade to it if you are Jailbroken or plan to stay Jailbroken.

This update contains improvements, bug fixes and security updates, including:

- Further improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition
- Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness
- Fixes an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled


You can find the direct download links for iOS 7.1.1 here: ?

if you are looking for older iOS firmware you can find them here:

  • Apple TV 2G (AppleTV2,1) version 6.1.1 (Build 11D201c), Download
  • Apple TV 3G (AppleTV3,1) version 6.1.1 (Build 11D201c), Download
  • AppleTV3,2 (AppleTV3,2) version 6.1.1 (Build 11D201c), Download
  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 2 (GSM) (iPad2,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 2 (CDMA) (iPad2,3) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad2,4 (iPad2,4) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,5) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad Mini (GSM) (iPad2,6) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad Mini (CDMA) (iPad2,7) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 3 (GSM) (iPad3,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 3 (CDMA) (iPad3,3) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,4) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 4 (GSM) (iPad3,5) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad 4 (CDMA) (iPad3,6) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,1 (iPad4,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,2 (iPad4,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,3 (iPad4,3) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,4 (iPad4,4) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,5 (iPad4,5) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPad4,6 (iPad4,6) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 4 (GSM) (iPhone3,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 4 (GSM) (2012) (iPhone3,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 4 (CDMA) (iPhone3,3) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 4S (iPhone4,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone5,3 (iPhone5,3) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone5,4 (iPhone5,4) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone6,1 (iPhone6,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPhone6,2 (iPhone6,2) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
  • iPod touch 5G (iPod5,1) version 7.1.1 (Build 11D201), Download
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Review: Euro-Japan Dict Tablet for iPad

euro-japan tablet

Previously we reviewed Euro-Japan Dictionary for iPhone and the developers, Free Light Software, just released Euro-Japan Dict Tablet. This new iPad applicaiton is pretty much the same exact app you love on the iPhone enlarged to make use of the iPad’s larger screen.

Euro-Japan Dict Tablet is a Japanese dictionary which supports not only 3 major European languages: English, French and German, but also 2 search modes. Not only can you have instant up to date access by using your internet data connection, but you can also have an offline database in case you are in an area where you do not have cell service or Wi-Fi. Having an internet connected search is going to bring up better results including pictures and maps, but when you are in a pinch, using the offline database works wonders as well.

Supported input methods for Japanese are Kanji (Chinese characters), Kana (Japanese phonetic characters) and Romaji (Roman characters).

Please make sure to check out our review of the iPhone version as the Tablet version is the exact same but enhanced for the iPad. You can purchase Euro-Japan Dict Tablet on the Apple App Store for $1.99 and is a must have application to have if you are traveling to Europe or Japan.



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Review: TwomonUSB – USB Monitor, Dual Monitor for iOS

TwomonUSB – USB Monitor, Dual Monitor is a very neat application that turns your iPad into dual monitors by connecting it to the PC through USB.

TwomonUSB is super simple to use and set up. The fist thing you need to do is download the application to you iPad. Connect it via USB to your computer that has iTunes installed. Download and install the Twomon PC program and hit connect on your iPad. You can download the PC program from


This application is perfect if you have an old and unused laptop laying around and want to have the ability to run dual monitors on your computer. With some computers you don’t have the option to run dual monitors because your graphics card doesn’t support it. Luckily TwomonUSB uses just your iPad and USB cable and gives you a second monitor for your desktop.

TwomonUSB also provides remote access through Wi-fi, 3G network, LTE network so that you can access your computer from anywhere you want. Not only that but, you can use your smarphones and iPad as speakers with the sound display function, even if you don’t have an internal speaker on your computer!

There are some downfalls of this program in that in only supports Windows. Hopefully the developers will release something that is compatible with the Mac. TwoMonUSB is currently priced at $8.99 and is available on the Apple AppStore today. This is a great and cheap way to get dual monitor support for you PC.

Supported Devices:
iOS : iPad, iPad2, New iPad, iPad Retina, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina Display,
*Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
Android : compatible with Android 4.0 or greater

Windows XP 32/64bit

Windows 7 32/64bit

Windows Vista 32/64bit

Windows 8 & 8.1 32/64bit


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