Review: Euro-Japan Dict Tablet for iPad

euro-japan tablet

Previously we reviewed Euro-Japan Dictionary for iPhone and the developers, Free Light Software, just released Euro-Japan Dict Tablet. This new iPad applicaiton is pretty much the same exact app you love on the iPhone enlarged to make use of the iPad’s larger screen.

Euro-Japan Dict Tablet is a Japanese dictionary which supports not only 3 major European languages: English, French and German, but also 2 search modes. Not only can you have instant up to date access by using your internet data connection, but you can also have an offline database in case you are in an area where you do not have cell service or Wi-Fi. Having an internet connected search is going to bring up better results including pictures and maps, but when you are in a pinch, using the offline database works wonders as well.

Supported input methods for Japanese are Kanji (Chinese characters), Kana (Japanese phonetic characters) and Romaji (Roman characters).

Please make sure to check out our review of the iPhone version as the Tablet version is the exact same but enhanced for the iPad. You can purchase Euro-Japan Dict Tablet on the Apple App Store for $1.99 and is a must have application to have if you are traveling to Europe or Japan.



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Review: TwomonUSB – USB Monitor, Dual Monitor for iOS

TwomonUSB – USB Monitor, Dual Monitor is a very neat application that turns your iPad into dual monitors by connecting it to the PC through USB.

TwomonUSB is super simple to use and set up. The fist thing you need to do is download the application to you iPad. Connect it via USB to your computer that has iTunes installed. Download and install the Twomon PC program and hit connect on your iPad. You can download the PC program from


This application is perfect if you have an old and unused laptop laying around and want to have the ability to run dual monitors on your computer. With some computers you don’t have the option to run dual monitors because your graphics card doesn’t support it. Luckily TwomonUSB uses just your iPad and USB cable and gives you a second monitor for your desktop.

TwomonUSB also provides remote access through Wi-fi, 3G network, LTE network so that you can access your computer from anywhere you want. Not only that but, you can use your smarphones and iPad as speakers with the sound display function, even if you don’t have an internal speaker on your computer!

There are some downfalls of this program in that in only supports Windows. Hopefully the developers will release something that is compatible with the Mac. TwoMonUSB is currently priced at $8.99 and is available on the Apple AppStore today. This is a great and cheap way to get dual monitor support for you PC.

Supported Devices:
iOS : iPad, iPad2, New iPad, iPad Retina, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina Display,
*Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
Android : compatible with Android 4.0 or greater

Windows XP 32/64bit

Windows 7 32/64bit

Windows Vista 32/64bit

Windows 8 & 8.1 32/64bit


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Review: Space Ninjas for iPad


Space Ninjas, developed by Keen On You, is a flick based near earth defense game.

Your goal is to protect the earth from the ‘Evil Reptilian’ Nibiru. On the far side of the moon, the Nibiru is planning a New World Order (NWO), failing to collapse the world economy via the derivatives market he aims to reduce the human race to only a few for easier control and manipulation. Join the ‘Space Ninjas’ on the space station to protect the earth using the state of the art ‘Mighty Finger’ to deflect near earth objects and stop the Nibiru’s devious plans to pound the earth with Meteors.

The game is very simple to play, yet is addicting and challenging. There are 3 types of meteors. Small, Medium, and Large. The small meteors require just 1 flick, while the medium meteors require 2 flicks to change their course away from Earth. The large Extinction Meteors can only be destroyed by flicking the small and medium sized meteors into them. You have just just 3 lives where meteors can hit the Earth. Once that happens the game is over. The game can also end if your satellites are destroyed, so you need to protect those as well.

When you complete some of the challenges you can unlock upgrades such as having your satellites shoot meteors with lasers, and the ability to slow down meteors. This will help you get a higher score and longer time which you will want to try and get the highest score amongst your friends, family, and the world via GameCenter.

Overall the game has excellent graphics and sound. The major downfall to the great graphics is the large size. this game weighs in at 151MB so it will take awhile to download and take up a decent amount of space on your iPad. Other than that the game is super fun, entertaining and easy to play.

Space Ninjas for iPad is currently price at $0.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. If you are into defense type games, this one is worth checking out.


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Review: Leaping Salmon for iPad

leaping salmon

Leaping Salmon, developed by, is a super fun game where your goal is to save as many salmon as you can from the hungry bear. You have just 59 seconds to see if you can get the high score.

Leaping Salmon was developed when the AppChaps team witnessed 100′s of salmon swimming upstream and fighting their way up the river. When they got back to their hotel room, they decided to research the subject more and eventually turned it into a game. Salmon are born in fresh water and liver there for about 2 years before they make their way to the ocean. After awhile they return to the same river where they were born using chemical cues and battle upstream to the spawning areas. During this journey they face many obstacles  including hungry bears.

The game features 5 different levels and you have to pass the level in order to unlock the next one. You have to achieve a 5 star rating (or 4 stars in some levels) for the next level to unlocked. Your goal is to flick your the Salmon in the direction of the objects that the bear is spinning. Watch out for traps and try and collect as many Salmon as possible as well as coins. Once you run out of time, you will see how many Salmon you saved, how many coins you earned and will be rated out of 5 stars.

Overall the game is a bit challenging, but once you get the the hang of it, it gets easier and easier. The music is OK and fits with the game, but if you want to shut it off you can do so in the settings. Leaping Salmon is currently priced at just $0.99 and is available now on the Apple App Store.



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Review: PeerRenters for iOS

peer renters

PeerRenters is a new application that allows you to list your surplus stuff for rent or sale in your local community. The app basically converts a user’s mobile device to an instant rental business.

When you first launch the application you will have to provide your email to sign up for a new account and provide some information to complete your profile. It would be nice if the developer integrated Facebook login so you do not have to fill all of this info in if you have a Facebook account. Once you have completed your profile, you will be emailed a temporary password.

Once you are logged in you can quickly search of rental or sales items in your community and view where they are located on the map. Since this application is so new, there are not many items available and probably not available in your community yet. You will want to start posting what you have for sale or rent and share the application with others so that the community really builds up. In my local area, there was only one item available for rent.

Just down the road, I could rent a Contour Video Camera. When I clicked on it, I could see a picture of the item, and the rental rates. I could rent the camera for half a day, daily, weekly, or monthly. The seller required a $150 security deposit just in case I never returned the item. I also have a few choice that I could select including: Asking a Question, a button to ask if it is available now, and a button to rent the item.

The rental button asks you when you want to start, when you want to end and then fills in the price you would pay. You can then securely pay the person the security deposit with Paypal. Once that is complete you can arrange pickup with the owner and pay the remaining balance at that time.

To list your items for sale is very simple. Just click on the list button and fill in your rates and post a picture. You can then manage your items and view your transactions. Lastly you will want to invite your friends to join PeerRenters so that they can start earning extra money renting your stuff out locally.

Overall This is a great service for property owners and local community members looking for an easy way to rent specific items. The only downfall is that it is too new and not enough members that have joined yet. I should also not that the app collects a 10 percent booking fee which may be a little high for new members to start.




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