Apple Released iOS 13.7 with Exposure Notifications

Apple just rolled out what may be the last release until the next major update that is iOS 14. iOS 13.7 is a smaller update that allows you to receive exposure notifications with out an app. Currently only certain areas are using this technology, but should be expanded soon. Apple said Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and […]

Apple Released iOS 13.5 with Covid-19 Tracking

Apple just released iOS 13.5 that includes exposure logging for COVID-19. The random IDs your device collects are stored in an exposure log for 14 days. This allows you and others to get notified if you have been exposed to the Corona Virus based on how close you are to other devices using Bluetooth. Other […]

Apple Released iOS 13.4.1 With FaceTime Fix

Sorry for the delay in posting, I missed posting about the release of iOS 13.4 and now we already have an update to that with iOS 13.4.1. This update fixes a bug in FaceTime that iOS 13.4 introduced. Basically the bug prevented some users on iOS 13.4 from participating in FaceTime calls with users running […]

Apple Released iOS 13.3 with improved Screen Time capabilities

Apple pushed out a fairly decent update if you are a parent and use Screen Time. You now have control over communication limits. This allows you to control who your children are able to contact with over FaceTime, Phone, Messages, and iCloud. As always emergency numbers will always be allowed and unrestricted. Some other minor […]

Apple Released iOS 13.2.3

Apple just pushed out another update for iOS 13. This time we have iOS 13.2.3, which “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone. This update:Fixes an issue where system search and search within Mail, Files, and Notes might not workAddresses an issue where photos, links, and other attachments might not display in the Messages […]

Apple Released iOS 13.2.2 to fix the background refresh bug

Not sure why then went from iOS 13.2 to 13.2.2, but either way they pushed this update to fix the background refresh. In iOS 13.2, when you switched to a different app and then switched back to your first application, the app refreshed and you lost your progress or the application suddenly quit. Apple had […]