Magic Slate To Be Unveiled Later Today!

Well guys, here’s some news to start you off right. It seems as though Engadget has received some photos of a product that Steve Jobs will be demonstrating for us today. Apparently, this product will be called “Magic Slate”. Now “Magic Slate” is an external peripheral that will enable multi-touch input with this lovely external […]

My Suspicions Confirmed: The iPad Came Before The iPhone

Well last night, my suspicions were confirmed. Ever since I got my iPad, I always said “Wow, I can never look at my iPhone the same way again, this is how the iPhone OS was always meant to be. Well, seems like I was absolutely correct. Steve Jobs confirmed it last night. As you know, […]

Apple Has Now Sold Over 2 Million iPads!

Here’s some breaking news hitting us at full force. It seems as though Apple has just sold it’s 2 millionth iPad! How long did it take to get their second millionth iPad? Just 60 days. Apple sold their 1 millionth iPad in just 1 month and they’ve hit their 2nd millionth today. Isn’t it a […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Present At WWDC?

This one just seems odd at first glance, but if you think about it, it makes sense. According to new rumors, it seems as though Steve Ballmer may make an appearance at WWDC and even share the stage with Steve Jobs! So why on Earth would Steve Ballmer be at WWDC? Here’s the weird part, […]

Walmart Now Selling iPhone 3G S For $97!

Here’s some Breaking News ariving to us here at LEI Mobile. It seems as though to add to my analysis of Apple’s plans, things started to come true now. The O2 store in the UK has made it impossible to purchase the iPhone 3G. Also, it seems as though Walmart is selling the iPhone 3G […]

Steve Jobs To Deliver WWDC 2010 Keynote On June 7th!

Well well, we just got official confirmation from the big guy himself, that’s right! Steve Jobs will, in fact, be delivering the WWDC 2010 keynote in just 14 days! We will be bringing full coverage as its happening, right here at LEI Mobile! Here’s the press release that Apple sent this morning: Steve Jobs to […]