Apple Passes Microsoft In The S&P 500

Some breaking news hitting us literally moments ago. It seems that after today’s trading, Apple, Inc. (AAPL: NASDAQ) is now worth MORE than Microsoft Corp. (MSFT: NASDAQ) on the S&P 500!

This is huge news. Apple was #3 this morning on the S&P 500, but after today’s trading, Apple has over taken Microsoft and is now #2 behind ExxonMobil Corp. (XON: S&P 500)!

Now, it came down to the final minutes of trading, when investors recieved this memo:

“It came right down to the trade, but AAPL has an index market value of $241,534 million and MSFT has a market value of $239,515 million – AAPL is #2. What a Job”

Great job Apple! Now, this doesn’t mean that Apple flat out has a bigger market capitalization than Microsoft becausethe S&P 500 is a “float adjusted market capitalization weighted” index.

What’s this mean? Well, the size of the market cap is adjusted to reflect the shares out in the public float. That includes those that are available for the public to trade and not locked up in employee options, for example.

Either way, this is huge news. Most of the gains today were due to Apple’s insanely great quarterly earnings, they had their best “non-holiday” quarter ever as well as rumors circling that Apple is getting set to buy ARM.

Well, congrats Steve Jobs. You ave once more proved that you are the greatest CEO in the world. :)

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LEAK: iPhone 4G Prototype Discovered At A Bar?! (UPDATED 3X)

UPDATE 1: I have managed to get the numbers from this prototype iPhone. A lot of the numbers are “XXXXX” which is a sure fire way to confirm that this is a prototype and has not been passed through the FCC or anything.

Flash Memory: XX GB
Model Number: XXXXX

UPDATE 2: We have another collection of pics for u :)

UPDATE 3: It seems as though the pictures (the one with the multiple pictures in one picture) are from a previous leak from way back in February 20th. Now, add to these newer pictures taken earlier today, and we may have even more evidence that this is the next iPhone. Or atleast, this proves that this is a genuine Apple prototype iPhone 4th generation! One that has already been leaked twice.

Now, this could indicate that this is a controlled leak. Most all companies like to leak a little bit of information to the public (or their audience) to keep them interested and to create buzz.

However, this may also mean that the February 20th leak iPhone may be the same iPhone, its just that it was stolen or forgotten at that bar and was once more pictured.

Or lastly, Apple has had the worst possible luck at keeping the 4th generation iPhone’s look a secret with these leaks.

Only time will tell when it comes to rumors and leaks. :)

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Apple Approves Opera Mini!

Well holy sh*#! Apple actually approved Opera Mini! I never thought this would happen! I guess the beef is between Google, Adobe, and Apple. Opera isn’t involved.

Now, your web browsing is about to skyrocket with these ultra fast rendering speeds that Opera Mini provides. It does all of the heavy crunching on the server side and then sends over the relatively small data (page) to your iPhone. It makes pages load incredibly fast even on EDGE.

So why wouldn’t Apple approve Opera? Because it doesn’t use WebKit (Apple’s rendering engine). Also, they have NEVER accepted any browser without webkit. This is a first. Looks like Steve Jobs couldn’t find a single excuse and just said “Oh, fu*# it, approve it”.

Get it soon on the iTunes App Store! Yay! I’m excited for this!

You can watch a video of it in action here.

Via Opera

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How iPhone Multitasking Works

Multitasking is the biggest feature introduced in the iPhone OS 4.0.  It allows you to run multiple applications at the same time.  Many people have wanted this feature for a very long time and many of the newer phones already have this feature.

Steve Jobs said:

We weren’t the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best.

So far from my experience, multitasking is awesome but requires developers to update their applications for certain features to work.  Pandora does not work currently.  They need to push out the update to the AppStore before we can test all of the multitasking features.

Every time you close an application it stays running in the background. until you double tap the home button to bring up a new dock with all your running applications.  To completely shut down an application you have to press and hold on the application until you see the red minus badge to delete.

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