How To: Enable LTE on iPhone 5 for T-Mobile


UPDATE 3/31/13: Now a super easy way to install. Just install the CommCenter Patch and the LTE enable from out repo. This will be a better solution for people who want to enable LTE on their unlocked iPhone 5. Not only does it save people the time and hassle of having to go into the iPhone’s system files, but it also creates an automatic backup of the original carrier.plist should the choose to revert.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open Cydia
2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”
3. Tap “Edit” then tap “Add” and put the following URL into the text box:
4. Once the URL is entered in tap “Add Source” and allow for it to download all of the repo’s info and packages.
5. After your iPhone has refreshed, tap the field or go to the search bar and find the package CommCenter* patch…
6. Once you have found it, install it and then reboot your iPhone once completed.

7. After the iPhone has restarted, open Cydia once again.
8. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”
9. Tap “Edit” then tap “Add” and put the following URL into the text box:
10. Once the URL is entered in tap “Add Source” and allow for it to download all of the repo’s info and packages.
11. After your iPhone has refreshed, tap the LEIMobile field or go to the search bar and find the package LTE Enabler for T-Mobile…
12. Once you have found it, install it and then reboot your iPhone once completed.

13. After the iPhone restarts, allow it to acquire signal and display the T-Mobile logo then go to where you edit the APN settings (Settings –>General–>Cellular) click reset network settings. Once that is done, enable the LTE toggle and you’re good to go. The APN to connect to T-Mobile LTE is and the apn for Internet Tethering on T-Mobile is


Update 3/28/13 Part III: Updated the main file to fix a calling issue as people were still reporting it. ISR for LTE wasn’t enabled. The Phone, rather than connecting to the strongest signal for voice, remains connected to the LTE tower during calls and reduces call quality. The latest fix enables ISR. Just follow the instructions below the red text to install the latest version.


Update 3/28/13 Part II: Everyone Just follow the original instructions below the red text to install the new files over the previous ones. There should now be 4 files instead of 3. We added a carrier.pri file.


UPDATE 3/28/13: THE text in RED is instructions ONLY for people who installed the initial fix we released. If you are brand new or unsure proceed with the 15 step instructions below the RED Text

Users have reported bad calling quality, inability to make/receive calls, and downgrading to 4G HSPA+ while on a phone call. We did take note of the issue and took a close look at the LTE coding. VoLTE (Voice over LTE) was enabled by mistake but has been fixed in this updated version. Please follow the below instructions to fix this issue. If you have any other concerns or problems please leave a comment below.

1. On your iPhone please tap this link:
2. Tap “Open in iFile” and once in iFile tap “Unarchiver”. A new version of the “Overrides_N41_N42.pri” will appear.
3. Tap the clipboard icon at the bottom and tap “cut”
4. Now tap “done” at the top and tap the house icon at the bottom then tap “Library”, then tap “Carrier Bundle.bundle” (the one with blue text), and then tap edit at the top again and tap the clipboard icon. Tap “paste” and it will auto inject the updated carrier file into the carrier folder. Be sure to chose the overwrite option.
5. After this has been done, exit iFile and reboot your iPhone. That’s it!

Did this fix your issue? Please let us know below in the comments section.

START HERE Manual method: 

So you purchased an unlocked iPhone 5 before T-Mobile released their new version of the iPhone 5 that supports 1700mhz. This could be the AT&T model or the officially unlocked version sold by Apple. Please understand that if you have a Verizon iPhone 5 you will not be able to connect to T-Mobile’s LTE network. It does not have the correct LTE band. Currently T-Mobile only has a few cities listed that have support for LTE and they are upgrading towers all year long.

Now that you have an unlocked AT&T model A1428 or an officially unlocked model A1428 you can proceed to follow the instructions below to load a custom carrier file onto your iPhone and enable LTE. This will only work on A1428 model iPhone 5’s.

This is the guide to enabling LTE on your iPhone 5 model A1428 for T-Mobile.

1. Open Cydia
2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”
3. Tap “Edit” then tap “Add” and put the following URL into the text box:
4. Once the URL is entered in tap “Add Source” and allow for it to download all of the repo’s info and packages.
5. After your iPhone has refreshed, tap the field or go to the search bar and find the package CommCenter* patch…
6. Once you have found it, install it and then reboot your iPhone once completed.

7. After the iPhone has restarted, open Cydia once again.
8. Search for iFile. The free version includes basic features. You will want to purchase it to take advantage of all of the features.
9. Once you have found it, install it. No reboot is required, though you can do it just to be on the safe side.

10. Once iFile has been installed, close Cydia and click on this file from your iPhone and click “Open in iFile”
11. Once you’re in iFile tap “Unarchiver” and 3 files will show up above T-Mobile
12. At the top, tap “edit”and tap the dots with a check mark next to carrier.plist, carrier.pri, overrides_N41_N42.plist, and overrides_N41_N42.pri
13. Tap the clipboard icon at the bottom and tap “cut”
14. Now tap “done” at the top and tap the house icon at the bottom then tap Library, then tap Carrier Bundle.bundle (the one in blue), and then tap edit at the top again and tap the clipboard icon. Tap “paste” and it will auto inject the carrier files into the carrier folder overwriting the other files. (you may want to make a backup of these files in case anything goes wrong or we have a backup below.)

15. After the files have been placed, exit iFile and restart iPhone. After the iPhone restarts, allow it to acquire signal and display the T-Mobile logo then go to where you edit the APN settings (Settings –>General–>Cellular) click reset network settings. Once that is done, enable the LTE toggle and you’re good to go. The APN to connect to T-Mobile LTE is and the apn for Internet Tethering on T-Mobile is


Here is a link to the original file in case you run into any issues. Download the original carrier file here. replace carrier.plist with the file you just downloaded. You also need to delete any overrides_N41_N42 files and the new carrier.pri included in the Release 2 bundle that were placed in the Unknown.bundle carrier bundle.

If you run into any problems please leave a comment below. A rare issue that happens is that is doesn’t work while the apn settings tab disappears. A simple fix to this is to go into var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/overlay and delete any and all files in that folder and then restarting the phone 2 times. The first reboot you need to let it acquire signal. It will take awhile but will eventually acquire it. After the signal is found it will say T-Mobile 3G and then this will be where the 2nd reboot must be done. After the 2nd reboot it will acquire signal faster this time and display T-Mobile 4G. Once you see the 4G icon that’s when you know it has worked. But this is a rare occurrence but should be a disclaimer and this fix should be available to the people that install it.



[Thanks Joe Brown! for the initial fix! Thanks Sky Zangas for the Debian Package!]

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  1. Tim says

    I aleady had iFile, just installed the commcenter patch and replaced the files. Everything seems to work fine so far. Just waiting on T-Mobile to update more cities with LTE.

  2. Josh Fourrier says

    Thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for your help! I live in Phoenix and was informed by countless reps this just “Couldnt be done.” Well I followed your instructions. I have my LTE signal and my speeds are freaking lightning fast with 2 bars. Once I get a full signal I’m going to try to speed test again. I’m so impressed with this being truly unlimited. Its great. Thank you! BTW, this is an unlocked att iphone 5

  3. Joe says

    @Josh Fourrier I am so glad our guide worked for you. It was hard work but it’s worth getting people the LTE they deserve after waiting for this many years. Also, many thanks to LEIMobile for sharing my work. If you could, please send me screenshots of your LTE and speedtests at Thanks! 🙂

  4. Josh Fourrier says

    Sent you the screenshot Joe. Thanks again. This process took me literally 5-8 minutes following your very clear instructions. It was so easy to do! Thanks for all the hard work behind making this happen so people like me dont have to go buy a new “tmobile” iphone!

  5. Joe says

    @Josh Fourrier Not a problem dude. Happy to do this for people. This not only helps people get LTE, but also helps people retain their jailbreak without having to worry about updating their firmware in the event that they release LTE support in the update meanwhile there still is no jailbreak support for that update. Also, thanks for the screenies and please spread the word about this tutorial. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Joe says

      It should be since T-Mobile just held their press conference yesterday in NYC and had LTE devices connected to LTE.

    • Joe says

      @Tony It should be since T-Mobile just held their press conference yesterday in NYC and had LTE devices connected to LTE.

    • Danny says

      Currently not working in Queens NY (15 miles away from event). Might be working in the area where the press conference was held.

  6. Kevin says

    Works great, I’m on LTE in Vegas with 3 (occasionally 4) bars of LTE and am picking up speeds of 19 down and 8 up. The only issue so far is that when an incoming call comes in, it will switch you to 4g down from LTE and sometimes the phone will ring while other times it will not and just go straight to voice mail, i have tested this many times over an hour. Texts and out going calls work perfectly fine though, just notice that it will knock you down from LTE to 4G when calls are made or are incoming. Other then this issue it is great!

  7. Joe says

    Ok guys. Anouncement time. I figured out why some of you are experiencing some of the calling issues and LTE dropping to 4G while on call. After looking closely at the LTE coding, VoLTE was enabled. Apparently, a lot of you were using the the LTE network as the voice connection. That’s why it dropped to regular 4G while you were on the phone. I will update this and let you guys know when the update is available. Sorry about that.

      • Jorge says

        Hey Joe. I kind of screwed mine up. I accidentally deleted my Carrier Bundle.bundle file x(

        By any chance, would you be able to send me yours? I don’t want to have to restore and update to 6.1.3. I don’t think I can live without a jailbroken device haha.


        • Joe says

          @Jorge Sure, not a problem. And for your trouble I’ll let you try out a beta version I am testing right now that increases your data speed and signal. Email me at and I will send the files to you.

          • Joe says

            @Jay Please read the 2nd to last paragraph underneath the screenshot. That will help you restore the deleted file. 🙂

  8. vic says

    So, I must jailbreak even tho it’s a apple unlocked? anyway to inject without having to load cydia ? thanks for your help

    • Joe says

      Unfortunately, no. Apple has the security on non-jailbroken devices heavily locked down which is the reason why you have to patch the CommCenter and do all of these steps.

        • Joe says

          Correct, but it’s up to you. This is a better alternative as it allows you to gain access to LTE but also preserve your jaibreak at the same time so in the event they release official support in the form of an update you can remain on 6.1.2 or lower and not have to upgrade while keeping the jailbreak and LTE. 🙂

          • vic says

            sorry to be dense here… if I don’t jailbreak.. no LTE.. If I do jailbreak, I can follow your instructions..

            I haven’t followed jailbreaking in a while since i bought unlocked… I’m on 6.0.2, should I upgrade, JB and follow your directions…..
            what do you mean “preserve your jailbreak at the same time” thanks much!

          • Joe says

            No. You don’t have to jailbreak. It’s all up to you. You will get LTE, but not till next month. When they release the update to support LTE then you will have to update and lose all possibilties of jailbreaking till it’s supported again, which won’t be anytime soon as Apple has patched the jailbreak exploits so the devs have to find new exploits and that does take time. You definately don’t want to be updating at this point as the current version is 6.1.3 and you can only jailbreak 6.1.2 or lower. Preserve your jailbreak meaning, not having to update to get LTE, as you can already get it through our tutorial, and so you can keep the jailbreak you already have without losing it by updating to newer firmware version. Hope that helps 🙂

  9. CoasterFreak2601 says

    Loving the tweak! Is there anyway we can still toggle 3G? (Auxo still shows a 3G toggle but I still live in an area where the refarm is still in progress. Yesterday I had 3G during the day but it was gone as of the evening so I can’t test)

    Also since you have managed to patch CommCenter which is quite impressive, is there anyway you can enable visual voicemail?

    Thanks for all the help!

    • Joe says

      Glad to hear this guide worked for you! A working 3G toggle you can get is called NCSettings. It has the 3G toggle in it including MANY more toggles such as WiFi, Airplane Mode, BlueTooth, Camera Flash as a flash light, Personal hotspot, VPN, and many many more. Just like how Android users can swipe down for toggle in their notification center this tweak does the same thing. You swipe down fom the top and you have a large select of toggles to chose from 🙂

  10. arram says

    My phone goes to safe mode alot, mostly when i read a new email. LTE does work though, but frustrating for it to keep crashing

    • Joe says

      If you’re going into safe mode then that means your iPhone is too over-worked. You must have a lot of files and tweaks installed on your iPhone if it is doing this. Try to downsize a bit. That should help.

      • arram says

        everything was working fine until i installed ifile and the lte packages. I did remove sbssettings but still does it occasionally.

          • arram says

            do you know which extensions also come with ifile since removing ifile just removes the app itself. thanks

          • arram says

            i removed ifile and still goes to safe mode. maybe removing all the extensions with it might help but dont remember them all

          • arram says

            I removed all of those and still goes to safemode after I receive an email. I am not sure what to do

          • arram says

            These are the apps I have installed:

            Appsync for ios5&6
            Commcenter patch
            Erica Utilities
            Navigate from maps
            Pandora Downloader
            Substrate safe mode
            T-Mobile US MMS Fixer

            Everything was working fine before this as i said. But i am willing to delete some apps for this to work fine

          • Joe says

            @arram Well you can get ride of the T-Mobile MMS fix as the MMS is already working in our release. As far as this issue goes I am at a loss. No one else has had this problem and I have never heard of Safe Mode being this much of an issue. Just try and see what apps may be causing this. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :/

          • Tanzeel says

            HAving the same issue. Whenever I reboot iPhone it goes into safe Mode. and whenever i try to go into setting and do something it reboots the iPhone. I dont’ know what to do??

          • arram says

            Thanks Joe for all your help. So far removing the tmobile MMS fix, it has solved the problem. But I will let you know if problem comes back since its a short sample time. Thanks again.

          • Joe says

            @Tanzeel Do yu have the T-Mobile MMS fix installed? If so, please remove it as the commenter who was having the same issue as you fixed the problem by removing the T-Mobile MMS fix package.

          • says

            Some of your Cydia tweaks are not playing nice with this fix. Try uninstalling them until you find what’s causing the issue or look at your error logs.

  11. kevin says

    Thanks for this! When the carrier update comes out, should I just do the directions on the bottom half of this article to restore to the original settings, and then download the carrier update from T-mobile?

    • kevin says

      Also, Do I need to change the APN to Or do I click reset and leave it at what it is when I reset?

      • Joe says

        The carrier update won’t be an OTA update. You will have to update your firmware and lose your jailbreak if you chose to do that. That’s why we have this up for everyone so the can keep both LTE and their jailbreak. The apn is already set at by default when you install the carrier files. Click reset settings at the bottom of the APN settings page and it should show up.

        • kevin says

          Darn it thats why I asked.. I see the LTE toggled to on, but when I click reset settings at the bottom, doesn’t show up when I reset

          • Joe says

            Try doing what we mentioned in the last paragraph we have in the tutorial. That is there to help anyone with minor issues like this to fix them easily and have full LTE funtionality enabled. But be careful not to get files and folders mixed as some have done as it will result in the loss of your carrier bundle, possibly your service, and also LTE.

          • Joe says

            Hi Bill. I’ve double checked the links and the files are there. Try redownloading them. If they still aren’t working you may need to manually ssh them in on a PC or Mac.

    • Joe says

      No, sorry. The A1429 model, whether GSM European or CDMA USA, doesn’t have the support for LTE band 4 which is what T-Mobile is using for their LTE network. Only model A1428 will work.

    • Joe says

      No as this tweak is only software based. Not hardware. Apple has control over whether they will actiavte the 1700MHZ AWS HSPA(+) band or not.

  12. Robyn says

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4S Model MD257LL/A on T-Mobile. If I jailbreak, will this solution work for me?

    • Joe says

      The iPhone 4S, no matter what model it is, does not have an LTE radio built into it. This only works for GSM model A1428 iPhone 5. Sorry.

      • Robyn says

        Thanks Joe, appreciate your quick response and work to help others. @Zach – I’m not a techie, that’s why I asked. And, by the way, talk about clogging a thread, why don’t you learn how to reply once instead of 5 times? Get a life.

  13. Nino says

    Will have to warranty trade my iPhone 5 in two months or so and hopefully get an updated iPhone 5 with all bands for T-Mobile including HSPA+.

  14. kevin says

    Great, I see 4G! Why does it not say LTE though? Does 4G = LTE? The screenshots up top say LTE so I’m wondering why mine says 4G

    • Joe says

      4G is HSPA+. If you ahve the TE toggle on but LTE doesn’t show at the top of your screen then that means you aren’t near any LTE towers yet. You will see LTE when you get near an LTE market and possibly it’s surrounding areas.

  15. Josh Fourrier says

    LOL Robyn that was brilliant. :-). Zak needs to relax. This is new for everyone and were all just trying to learn what our limitations are.

  16. Joe says

    Zach, the stuff you are saying was totally uncalled for. Some people aren’t very into tech details. Robyn didn’t know and asked a simple question. The stuff you are saying is totally innapropriate. Please do not continue posting comments unless it’s something positive or helpful. Thanks.

  17. Abel says

    Followed the instructions they were essentially fool proof. I’m in utah and am not seeing 4g like some others have commented. Is it because my area isn’t turned on yet? I’m still on edge… haha however when I went to Vegas this last weekend I got 3g. Is that normal? In my area if I have an unlocked iPhone 5 and am getting only edge will an official tmobile iPhone 5 get 3g or 4g here? Thanks!

    • Joe says

      This doesn’t activate T-Mobile’s regular 4G as it is on the AWS 1700MHz band which the iPhone doesn’t support right now. If you are on 2G Edge then that means your area hasn’t been “modernized” yet with the refarmed network. As long as you see the LTE toggle switch in the settings app then this did work for you. 🙂

  18. Abel says

    Now I have to decide if I want to get the tmobile iPhone with faster internet or keep my jailbreak!

    decisions decision

    • Joe says

      Not the “4G” icon is when you are connected to the refarmed HSPA+ network. When you see “LTE” at the top then you are connected to LTE.

  19. Chinh says

    Would this modification work for my situation?
    I’m on straightalk (att towers). Could I enable LTE service on my i5? Currently using att.mnvo

    • Joe says

      No, you can’t. AT&T has blocked LTE usage from MVNO carriers using their towers. You are limited to HSPA 14mbps. Sorry :/

  20. Josh Fourrier says

    Hey joe, josh in Phoenix. Looks like the LTE indicator disappeared with this 3rd version. :-(. Just says 4g now even though lte is enabled in settings

  21. Adrian says

    In my settings it says enable 4g, not enable LTE. Did something go wrong? I followed the instructions exactly.

    • Joe says

      When the icon says “4G” you are connected to their 4G HSPA+ refarmed network. When the the icon changes to “LTE” then you have LTE. 🙂

  22. thomas says

    hello everyone im on the set that say dl the backup carrier file. zip – im on the webpage but the file says zero bytes please help

  23. Charles T says

    Thanks for your work on enabling this feature. LTE is awesome. I’m getting 15.5 Mbps down and 9.9 Mbps up. Only issue I have is not able to get incoming calls. If I turn off LTE, incoming calls work fine. I just updated Release 2.1 but still having the same issue. Please help. Thanks

    • Joe says

      Thanks. We are looking into every possibilty right as to why the LTE causes people calling issues. Once we find the answer and create a fix we will release an update on here. Glad to know the LTE is working though. 🙂

  24. Josh Fourrier says

    OK, i managed to get the LTE working again on my phone. Anyone else notice this while doing a speed test comparison?

    4G HSPA+ Download Speed 11.8 average
    LTE Download Speed 8.5 average

    I’ve run six tests each and all of the results are about the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with anything over 5meg download, but I always assumed LTE was supposed to be much much faster than HSPA+

    Tests run in Phoenix.

  25. thomas says

    hi need help again sorry i installed carried bundle and i had to uninstall and now i installed in back and dont see carrier bundle in the ifile

        • Joe says

          If the Unknown.bundle is missing from System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone Then you need to create a new folder named Unknown.bundle and place the backup file we have provided up above.

    • Joe says

      Apple is releasing a new version to support the AWS 1700MHz band DC-HSPA+ which the current iPhone models do not support. However, the A1428 model iPhone 5 has AWS LTE band 4 support as that is what AT&T uses as well. The trick isn’t modifying the hardware. The trick is to fool the software into thinking the carrier files provided above are legit T-Mobile carrier files for LTE support.

      • says

        Thanks for the reply, but I’m still a little confused. If the current iPhone 5 has compatibility with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE, why isn’t this the default carrier profile for T-Mobile already, instead of me having to modify it myself?

    • Joe says

      No can be sure as I have tested the visual voicemail service and it still won’t activate on their service. Will let you guys know if anything changes.

  26. Mobile iOS says

    I have the same Patch on my repo, but I also have a package on my repo to enable LTE as well. This will save you having to install iFile, downloading the files and manually installing everything. Add my repo and install 2 packages much faster! Repo:

  27. Ax3ko74 says

    Hi joe, thanks do much for this article. I tried it and it works! However I have question, Any idea why I never see the LTE on the status bar? I do see 4G and LTE enable switch. Am I simply far from the LTE tower or they will start the LTE service on 12? I’m in NYC. Sorry if I’m asking a question that people has asked you already.

    • Joe says

      Yes, if it shows just “4G” while you have the LTE switch on then you don’t have an LTE tower near you yet. However, if you travel around NYC then you are bound to find one.

      • Ax3ko74 says

        Thanks for the quick reply! No, i live in Brooklyn, so must be the tower issue. I can’t wait get by near the LTE tower soon! Thanks again for creat this trick as well as posting the article!!!

  28. Melissa says

    Hi, I followed all of the steps and I am stuck on step 10. I purchased ifile and when I tried to click on the link in step #10, it immediately stops trying. What do I need to do to make this work?

  29. Fsalem says

    Hi joe, first off I really appreciate the work you done to make this possible for all the unlocked tmobille users. I followed the your suggestion on going back to the original carrier.plist and now I don’t have the cellular data tab that allows you to edit the apn ?? Do you have any suggestions on how to get the tab back??

    • Joe says

      Thanks so much. Try reading the instructions in the last paragraph. That should help restore te default settings 🙂

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