Fix: AirPlay Audio Only? Enable Any HTML 5 Video Over AirPlay

So you are trying to play a video from a website on your Apple TV over AirPlay and you notice that only sound is coming out.  Where is the video? How come some videos work over AirPlay and others don’t?  It appears that every HTML 5 video needs to add some special parameters for video to work over AirPlay.  This means that most of the videos on the web are not Apple TV compatible yet.

There is a workaround to this which will enable video over AirPlay using javascript.  Take a website like when you watch a video and then transfer it to your Apple TV you will notice that only the audio is passing through.  In order to fix this we will create a new bookmark with some javascript code to enable the video.

1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, click the square with the arrow in safari and hit Add Bookmark.
2. Name it something like AirPlay Hack and then hit save.

3. Now click the book icon and hit edit. Click on the bookmark you just created “AirPlay Hack” and remove the URL and put : javascript:d=document,e=d.createElement('script');e.src=''+(new%20Date()*1);void(d.body.appendChild(e));

4. Now go back to the video you want to watch and wait until all the images load and you see a play button over the video. Once you see the play button open up your bookmarks and click on AirPlay Hack. The video will reload, so wait until you see the play button over the video again.
5. This time you can press play and when you send the video to your Apple TV it will transfer both the video and audio over to your TV.

Via [bendodson]

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  1. HumancentiPad!

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  2. Does this work for skyfire Browser as well?

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  3. Jorge C.

    I have´t tried it yet (i’m at the office), but it sounds excellent, wow.

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  4. Francesco Buttitta

    IT WORKS WITH SKYFIRE!!!! GREAT JOB!!! I just tried it with….and both audio and video are sent out to ATV2 from my iphone 3gs

    Thank you very much

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  5. Casey Schmidt

    Holy cow! This is the best thing ever. Thanks for figuring this out.

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  6. JumboLya

    I don’t know you, BUT I LOVE YOU!

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  7. How do you make this work for the iPad 2?

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  8. How about getting the HBO GO app to play on the ATV 2 from iPad 2? Any possibility at this point?

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  9. I tried this and the video icon shows up next to my apple TV when I tapped the AirPlay menu (previously there was an audio icon). But then when I tried to select my Apple TV I got “An error occurred loading this content” message on my TV :o (

    Any ideas why?

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  10. Gary Hetherington

    Will this hack work with Slingbox on the iPhone 4?

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  11. So how do you make this idea work with HBO GO ?

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  12. It works !!!

    But what about the apps that I am running on my iPhone ?

    With the apps that I have from the app store, I am only able to hear the audio without streaming the video to my apple tv.

    Please help with that as well

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  13. This is a great fix. It was super easy to do and worked first time. I can’t thank you enough.

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  14. wallace barron

    not able to find airplay on my iphone – version 5.1.1 (9b206) – model md276LL

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