Join Us On October 4th For iPhone 5 Coverage!

Hey guys, well, it’s official. Apple has announced their keynote and have confirmed that iPhone 5 will be at the event. SO please join us on Tuesday, October 4th @ noon (central time) for live coverage of Apple’s keynote event at their HQ!

We don’t expect to get a keynote from Steve Jobs, but we do expect TIm Cook, Phil Schiller, and Scott Forstall to be giving the keynote.

We are very excited to be covering the iPhone 5, iOS 5, and iCloud and any information that comes out of the event!

See you then!

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Dev Intern Wanted!!

Have a desire to learn programming for Mac and iOS?
Do you just not have the resources to get anywhere?

Join our new (unpaid) intern position as a developer and we’ll provide you with texts and Apple Dev Center access to learn anything you want to know to become a Mac and iOS programmer. Send the following to

Programming Experience
Brief Info about you

Slots are limited, we are looking for people who are familiar with either iOS development, HTML 5 development, or graphic design.

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BREAKING: Apple Sends Keynote Invites For October 4th

We are finally here! It looks like we are finally getting some confirmation from Apple. Media invites have been released for October 4th this morning. Apple has surprisingly chosen their own headquarters in Cupertino, California  for the keynote. It will be at 10a.m. pacific/noon central so we will be here covering it all as it happens!

Now, from my analysis, we may only be seeing 1 iPhone. As you can see, the badge on the iPhone icon clearly shows a “1″. If they would have wanted to say that you have “1″ invitation, then they would have used a Reminders application or use badged the Calendar.

Also, the calendar shows a “4″ for October 4th, the clock shows at 10am pacific, and the Maps icon depicts Apple’s headquarters on Google Maps.

So there you go guys, we will be convering the keynote live as it happens, so stay tuned!

We can put all of these rumors to bed next Tuesday! See you then.

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LEI Mobile Is Now Trading Stocks!

Hey guys, Alan here, today, we would like to announce that we are now part of the growing community of websites and companies at! Yesterday afternoon, we made our debut and we opened at just $10.11 a share, as of right now, at 12:09 PM (central) we are trading at $39.39 a share.

Our symbol is: LEI

You can find our current price to the left of your screen on our left sidebar.

Now, this is FREE. This isn’t using real money (darn!), but this is a way for us to connect to our users. We want to hear back from you and the rest of the internet. If we do something that is unpopular, we want to see it reflected in our online stock.

Again, this is a free service, you don’t pay to do anything on the site, just register by clicking here and then link your Social Networking sites and then, look for the stock symbol: LEI and buy some of our stock and let us know how we’re doing. If we’re doing bad, sell some of our stock, if we do well, buy some more.

It’s as simple as that.

To recap, join the free service from, register, link your social networking sites, and look for symbol: LEI and “buy” some of our stock!

So thanks guys, trade those stocks!

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Rumor: Apple To Hold iPhone 5 Media Event On October 4th


Here we go, every day that goes by, we get closer and closer to the unveiling of the iPhone 5! Now, we had predicted that Apple’s media event would be on October 5th (judging by our sources and our own methods) but it seems as though All Things D has sent out a report saying that the event will actually be scheduled for October 4th.

Now, Tim Cook is expected to headline this keynote along with Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall.

Also, we are going to report that Apple is going to announce an 8GB iPhone 4 will make it’s presence as a cheap phone (aka $49 or free with a 2 year contract), a “revised” iPhone 4S with an A5 chip inside ($99), and the newer iPhone 5 ($199-$299) that features an all-new design, A5 chip, 1GB RAM, more battery life, 8 megapixel camera and a 4 inch display, and will only come in 16GB & 32GB configurations. No 64GB people.

Oh, and there is one more thing. A white 5th generation iPod touch will make it’s appearance with an A5 chip and little else.

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Did MuscleNerd Just Get Hired By Apple?

Well well, it seems that we may have another Apple hire in the jailbreak community. MuscleNerd has posted what seems like himself receiving a specially made Apple shirt as well as himself talking about his “host” at Apple and that he received a specially made “Muscle Nerd” guest name tag on his Apple HQ visit.

If Apple hired Muscle Nerd, could this be signs of new things to come? The “Pay to jailbreak” solution that I had spoken of in the past? Or just a way for Apple to silence the iPhone Dev Team? Who knows, especially now with Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO, it’s hard to tell how he will run Apple, so anything can happen, and Muscle Nerd isn’t talking.

If he does get hired by Apple, we wish him the best. Again, MuscleNerd was mostly responsible for the iPhone’s baseband hacks as well as some untethers along with the rest of the iPhone Dev Team.

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