Apple Releases New Macs & Thunderbolt Display

Hey guys, well, today, Apple released a whole lot of products, and we have a round-up of all of the hardware related articles from today, along with a part of the article that I’m referencing. Make sure to check them all out! There was a lot of information released today by Apple. Great updates to […]

Rumor: Apple Board Of Directors Looking For CEO Successor

What do we have here? Multiple reports are suggesting that Apple’s board of directors is actively looking for a successor to the CEO of Apple, which is currently held by, Steve Jobs. Now, this could be a sabotage move by another company, as has been seen in the past, since Apple’s quarterly earnings were released […]

BREAKING: Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 To Developers!

Yay! It’s finally happened! iOS 5 beta 3 has been released to developers! We haven’t loaded our devices up yet, but we are downloading. If we find something, we will let you know! This beta carries the build number of 9A5259f. Also, the following have also been released: Xcode 4.2 beta 3, iTunes 10.5 beta […]

WWDC 2011 Kicks Off In Just 2 Hours!

Well here we go again! Another year, another round of amazing announcements sure to come our way. We will be posting the most important announcements from WWDC right here, live as they happen! All the fun starts at noon (CST), the lines are already forming. Here’s a gallery of pictures from ground zero:

BREAKING: Apple Launches iWork For iPhone

UPDATE: Also, to my surprise, they work on the iPhone 3G [S] & iPod touch 3rd generation as well as all A4 & A5 devices. UPDATE 2: Click “Read More” at the bottom of the post to see some screenshots of the apps! Finally, this long rumored piece of software has been released to the […]