AT&T Rips iPad Data & iPhone Exclusivity From Verizon’s Grasp

UPDATE: As of 1:08pm Central Time, Apple (AAPL), AT&T (T), and Verizon Wireless (VZW) stocks are down after this news has made its rounds to Wall Street. Expect this to be a trend tomorrow as well.

Hey guys, well, today I recieved a piece of relatively frustrating news. It’s with regards to AT&T Exclusivity here in the U.S. and the iPhone.

Well, according to sources familliar with the matter, the iPad was going to be on Verizon’s network, it was a “for sure thing” “basically a sure thing”, well, what happened?! It’s on AT&T (not exclusively).

It seems as though the iPad managed to slip from Verizon’s grasp due to a deal that was struck at the last moment. AT&T would give customers data plans at half the price without a contract, and in return, AT&T managed to negociate a 6 month extension on their exclusivity on the iPhone through “Late 2010″.

This is very frustrating news indeed. This would be the 4th extension AT&T has gotten since they struck their initial deal back in late 2004 (the iPhone was then introduced in 2007).

So, don’t expect a Verizon or T-Mobile iPhone at WWDC this time around. However, we may see one in the Fall (as my sources had told me in December 2009). Now, whether Apple will do a massive, nationwide unlock, is still unknown (they should) but 2010 and 2011 are proving/going to prove to be amazing years for Apple fans :)

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Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor In Next iPhone

Looks like Apple just applied for another cool patent. They have had great success with Nike by tracking your runs, but now it looks like you will also be able to track your heart rate at the same time. This may make it into the next iPhone or even the next iPod Touch. Fingers crossed!

The electronic device can include a heart sensor having several leads for detecting a user’s cardiac signals. The leads can be coupled to interior surfaces of the electronic device housing to hide the sensor from view, such that electrical signals generated by the user can be transmitted from the user’s skin through the electronic device housing to the leads. In some embodiments, the leads can be coupled to pads placed on the exterior of the housing. The pads and housing can be finished to ensure that the pads are not visibly or haptically distinguishable on the device, thus improving the aesthetic qualities of the device. Using the detected signals, the electronic device can identify or authenticate the user and perform an operation based on the identity of the user. In some embodiments, the electronic device can determine the user’s mood from the cardiac signals and provide data related to the user’s mood.


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UPDATED: iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Released

Head on over to the Dev Center if you are a registered user. No news on what has changed in Beta 3 yet. I hope that it is a lot better than beta 2. I had to downgrade back to Beta 1 as beta 2 was too buggy for my liking.

If you still would like to beta test the iPhone OS 4.0 we still have some spots available.

UPDATE: Looks like they pulled it.  For those of you that got it: Are you having any problems?  I downloaded it on my home computer.  I wonder if I should install it.  We will keep you updated with the details.

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Apple Passes Motorolla, Now #1 In U.S.!

Hey guys. Some breaking news hitting our newsroom this morning. It seems as though Apple is now the #1 phone manufacturer in the U.S.! They have just passed Motorola.

Apple sold 8.8 Million iPhones in Q2 and Morotola sold just 8.0 Million decvices.

This is a huge day for Apple. A great acvomplishment indeed. Now, Motorola wants to poo-poo on this occasion. They say that when the RAZR was popular, they sold 40.6 million devices in it’s first quarter.

This isn’t relevant. Apple is brand new to this game. They sell 1 device with phone capabilities. The iPhone. Motorolla has tons of devices! This is an even bigger win for Apple.

Congrats Steve Jobs and all of the other Apple execs and employees!

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Chopper 2: Very Cool Use Of iPad And iPhone

Chopper 2 looks very cool!  You get to control your chopper from your iPhone while you watch all the action on your iPad’s screen.

This game is not available yet. It should be out later this year. As the game is still not complete, you can expect to see a few changes before release. The complete game will have 36 missions in 12 different locations.

You can follow the progress on their website Majic Jungle Software

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AT&T Micro Sim And Full Sim Adapter

It looks like AT&T is making it easy to buy just one sim.  You get a full size sim with the option for a micro sim.  Once you punch out the micro sim though there is no going back.

If you decide you want to take your micro sim out of your iPad 3G and put it into your iPhone you can alway use tape to attach the full size sim.

These are not sold in the stores yet, but I am guessing we will see them tomorrow with the release of the iPad 3G.

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