Clarification On Exclusive Deal, App Crashes, Etc.

UPDATE 2: I found the bug. We are hard at work for a fix. :) For more details on what exactly is going on, check out my press release:

We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE: I suspect this issue of the crashing app is on BigBoss’ end. It may be a permissions issue or something to that extent.

As I said, I’m in Chicago right now, and I’m trying all I can do from here.

Guys, we are not offering you a new cellular network. YOU are still gonna be on T-Mobile or whatever network you are on.

The service we are providing UNBLOCKS data service that was otherwise blocked by T-Mobile (sidekick plan) or AT&T (GoPhone plan) (for example).

However, I will be writing a tutorial soon on how to get basically free* phone service from T-Mobile and just having to pay us $98 a year (no, none of this is on contract, this is just over a 12 month period) instead of the $366+ you’d pay T-Mobile per year on the Sidekick plan.

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iPhone 4G Parts Received!

Looks like the iPhone 4G is the real deal! SmartPhoneMedic has received the iPhone 4G LCD, digitizer, and metal middle plate assembly from one of their supplies. SmartPhoneMedic is a pretty well known repair company and has some very good connections to get these pieces early. We see a June/July iPhone refresh of the iPhone every year, so this is also a good indication that the iPhone 4G is being manufactured as we speak. More details will be available at the next WWDC event.

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Apple Urges Users Not To Jailbreak In “Support” Section

Well guys, Apple has finally gone off the deep end. They have actually taken the time to write up an article on reasons on why not to jailbreak. The article was created on April 16th of this year. I stumbled on this article after getting a random tip on Twitter.

Well, Apple gives some very stupid reasons to not jailbreak. They state this in regards to jailbreaking:

Unauthorized modification of iPhone OS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues

Incoming search terms:

  • Unauthorized modification of iOS has been a major source of instability disruption of services and other issues
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Apple Files For “iTunes LIVE” Trademark

Apparently, today, Apple has filed for the “iTunes LIVE” trademark. Now, there is no clear, official, reason, but I think it’s safe to speculate that Apple will bring live concerts and music events to customers, live, from iTunes.

I expect Apple to bring this to market in Q3 2010 during it’s September music keynote (along with iPad firmware 4.0).

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LEI Mobile v4.1 Now Live!

Wow, is all I can say. We have been trying to push this update for weeks now on the App Store. It was rejected many times, left and right, mostly for stupid little things, but finally, the app is live!

So why the big bother with releasing this update? This is a massive change to the LEI Mobile that could be found on the App Store.

First of all, it brings the all new GUI found in the LEI Mobile v4.x series. This includes:

Better GUI

New Services

Many Bug Fixes


More Stable

Not just that. We also have iPad support. This is our biggest feature. We have been working hard on bringing an all new experience to the iPad. I think the interface is a winner.

It uses this all new dock at the top of the screen that has all of the services available for LEI Mobile, and then it has a full browser-like task bar at the bottom, and your content front and center.

The pages load insanely fast. We focus a lot on speed and performance of our applications, and LEI Mobile v4.1 is amazing.

Also, we have Push Notifications for the iPad version as well. This was one of our major goals for the iPad version, and we’ve got the goods.

LEI Mobile v4.1 is a universal binary. This means that both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad versions of the apps are in the same app file. In the same download, which makes it easier on the end-user.

So there you go guys, this is a major update and I encourage everyone to update as soon as you can.

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AT&T Rips iPad Data & iPhone Exclusivity From Verizon’s Grasp

UPDATE: As of 1:08pm Central Time, Apple (AAPL), AT&T (T), and Verizon Wireless (VZW) stocks are down after this news has made its rounds to Wall Street. Expect this to be a trend tomorrow as well.

Hey guys, well, today I recieved a piece of relatively frustrating news. It’s with regards to AT&T Exclusivity here in the U.S. and the iPhone.

Well, according to sources familliar with the matter, the iPad was going to be on Verizon’s network, it was a “for sure thing” “basically a sure thing”, well, what happened?! It’s on AT&T (not exclusively).

It seems as though the iPad managed to slip from Verizon’s grasp due to a deal that was struck at the last moment. AT&T would give customers data plans at half the price without a contract, and in return, AT&T managed to negociate a 6 month extension on their exclusivity on the iPhone through “Late 2010″.

This is very frustrating news indeed. This would be the 4th extension AT&T has gotten since they struck their initial deal back in late 2004 (the iPhone was then introduced in 2007).

So, don’t expect a Verizon or T-Mobile iPhone at WWDC this time around. However, we may see one in the Fall (as my sources had told me in December 2009). Now, whether Apple will do a massive, nationwide unlock, is still unknown (they should) but 2010 and 2011 are proving/going to prove to be amazing years for Apple fans :)

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