Apple Is Scared Of Muslims Not Christians

Well apparently things still aren’t fair in the iTunes AppStore. Comedian, filmmaker, app developer Emery Emery recorded a phone call with an Apple App Store rep when his iSlam Muhammad app was pulled from the App Store after one day in an attempt to get real answers as to why his app got removed.

Ironically enough iSlam Muhammad app depicted images of the prophet Muhammad (Southpark season 5 days) and outlined disturbing passages from the Qur’an. Yet the Christian-bashing app BibleThumper still remains on the AppStore.

This just goes to show that Apple has little to no consistency in approval of apps, as well as their inability to provide recourse to developers who have had apps rejected for seemingly weak reasons. This wont be the last we hear about this and I’ll keep the updates here.
Source TUAW

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New Wallpapers In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

Below are all of the new wallpapers that were added to the beta 4 of iPhone OS 4.0. Click on the pictures to view the larger version.

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iPhone 4G/HD In White

Well it is pretty clear that Apple will also have a white version of the iPhone 4G or HD, whatever they are going to call it.  Here are some pictures of the front bezel that was obtained by

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New Items In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

OK so Beta 4 just hit and people are wondering what has changed? So far here is the list:

1.  New wallpapers that are less busy and easier on the eyes so you can view your icons better.

2. Calculator, Clock, Compass, and Voice Memo apps are now in a folder called Utilities to free up some space on your desktop.

3. There is now an option to turn on and off group messages

4. Tethering for AT&T users! I have had tethering options from the start because I have an officially unlocked iPhone 3GS on T-Tmobile. It looks like AT&T is now going to support tethering finally in 4.0.

5. You can now view your camera roll in landscape mode.

If there are any other changes you notice please let us know.  Also we still have a few spots open if you would like to beta test iPhone OS 4.0!

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iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available!

iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 is now live! Go to the developer center and get it while it’s hot! I would wait though, Apple’s servers usually get slammed when there’s a new iPhone OS beta on the loose.

Mike will have a full change log of what’s going down in beta 4 after he updates. :) (Brandon and I are not updating because we need to keep our unlocks/jailbreaks and Mike has an officially unlocked iPhone 3G S)

We should still have spots open in our developer program to get 4.0 before everyone else! $10 a pop. :)

iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad is due in the fall, so us developers will most likely get 4.0 betas at WWDC 2010 this June while iPhone OS 4.0 (for iPhone/iPod touch) is released to the public. :D

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[UPDATED] PRESS RELEASE: iPhoneSidekick + LEI Mobile Service Running Again!

UPDATE: Alright guys, I have gotten word from iPhoneSidekick themselves. It seems as though their email systems are really crowded with the overwhelming response as well as a bunch of “blank” emails.

Everyone, please make sure that you are clicking the “cancel” button and not tap the “send” button if you arent intentionally trying to message them.

Also, there is a 48 hour waiting period right now for ALL orders. So you may resume placing your order. You WILL recieve word within 48 hours of placing your order.

So there you go everyone! Enjoy! So place your orders and you will be processed and signed up within 48 hours!

Thanks guys!

Hello. Today, iPhoneSidekick’s servers went down. Now, why this happened is not certain yet, we are trying to establish communication, but we haven’t been able to get through to them. We will keep you updated.

Now, we want to take this time to remind our customers and readers that us here at LEI Mobile have NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING RELATED TO SERVICE. Our inboxes are full of people thinking that we are responsible for the slow downs in processing orders and other things, we DO NOT have anything to do with that. That is purely iPhoneSidekick.

We are aware that some of your orders have not been processed, but there is little to nothing we can do. We don’t handle any service related inquiries. Well be happy to help with any application issues or questions about the plans and everything, but when it comes to actually making all of the service sign ups and set ups, we can’t do anything for you.

Now, we are aware that some of your orders have not yet been processed. Two factors come to mind when it comes to this, the first is that we have huge demand. A lot of this has to do with the overwhelming response of this. They have a limited staff and they are filing as many orders as they can. Many orders have already been processed and a lot of people are already enjoying this great service, however, there are still many that are without service still.

The second reason is the fact that they may be putting in a lot of their attention to get their servers back up and running. Now, this may just be a server update as they have done in the past, I will try to get this info ASAP.

So, we want to apologize on behalf of iPhoneSidekick, and once again, were not the ones that are doing the service part of things, so please don’t yell or insult me, Mike, or Brandon because we have nothing to do with these issues.

I would hold off placing an order at least until they have their servers back up and running, because they have a bunch of orders to fill and you’d be placed in the back of the line anyways.

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