UPDATED: iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Released

Head on over to the Dev Center if you are a registered user. No news on what has changed in Beta 3 yet. I hope that it is a lot better than beta 2. I had to downgrade back to Beta 1 as beta 2 was too buggy for my liking.

If you still would like to beta test the iPhone OS 4.0 we still have some spots available.

UPDATE: Looks like they pulled it.  For those of you that got it: Are you having any problems?  I downloaded it on my home computer.  I wonder if I should install it.  We will keep you updated with the details.

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Apple Passes Motorolla, Now #1 In U.S.!

Hey guys. Some breaking news hitting our newsroom this morning. It seems as though Apple is now the #1 phone manufacturer in the U.S.! They have just passed Motorola.

Apple sold 8.8 Million iPhones in Q2 and Morotola sold just 8.0 Million decvices.

This is a huge day for Apple. A great acvomplishment indeed. Now, Motorola wants to poo-poo on this occasion. They say that when the RAZR was popular, they sold 40.6 million devices in it’s first quarter.

This isn’t relevant. Apple is brand new to this game. They sell 1 device with phone capabilities. The iPhone. Motorolla has tons of devices! This is an even bigger win for Apple.

Congrats Steve Jobs and all of the other Apple execs and employees!

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Chopper 2: Very Cool Use Of iPad And iPhone

Chopper 2 looks very cool!  You get to control your chopper from your iPhone while you watch all the action on your iPad’s screen.

This game is not available yet. It should be out later this year. As the game is still not complete, you can expect to see a few changes before release. The complete game will have 36 missions in 12 different locations.

You can follow the progress on their website Majic Jungle Software

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  • https:getmessage virginmobile co uk/mmcpB
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AT&T Micro Sim And Full Sim Adapter

It looks like AT&T is making it easy to buy just one sim.  You get a full size sim with the option for a micro sim.  Once you punch out the micro sim though there is no going back.

If you decide you want to take your micro sim out of your iPad 3G and put it into your iPhone you can alway use tape to attach the full size sim.

These are not sold in the stores yet, but I am guessing we will see them tomorrow with the release of the iPad 3G.

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  • at&t micro sim adapter
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WWDC 10 Starts June 7th

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference starts June 7th in San Francisco. Developers will get hands on information about the iPhone OS 4.0 and will also take part in the first ever iPad development sessions.

We also suspect that Steve Jobs will have a keynote to announce the next iPhone that we have seen so much in the news lately.  Will it be called the iPhone 4G? or iPhone HD?  My guess is iPhone HD or something else. AT&T is not ready for 4G speeds yet. No word yet but as soon as we have more info we will let you know

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“Get rid of crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff”

Normally when you ask a fellow CEO if they have any advice they just say no and continue to say how good you are doing. Well thats what happened when Nike CEO Mark Parker asked Steve Jobs for some advice only with a slight twist. After the pause from telling how good the company was doing Steve nicely said Nike makes a lot of crap and to get rid of crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff :P

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