PRESS RELEASE: LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick

UPDATE 3: Please discuss the iPhoneSK in our forums: Click here for the Link

UPDATE 2: We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE 1:The app is now live! Refresh your sources and go download it now! :)

Good morning everyone. Today, is a very special day. Today, we are going to do something special.

A couple months ago, my data died. As you all know, I have the Sidekick prepaid ($1 a day) plan from T-Mobile (USA). This gives me unlimited data and unlimited texting for just $1 a day.

Well, I was among one of the few who had figured out a way to get cellular data even after T-Mobile killed data for the iPhone. I dubbed this “p1nksn0w”. Now, I wanted to share this with all of you, however, we never had the appropriate support from people who had servers. We didn’t have the backup of the community.

Well, the personal server that I was using for about 7 months, died one day. I was chatting online, and all of a sudden, it died, never to be heard from again. This was from one of our readers, who graciously allowed me to use his private server for my data use. Well, all good things must come to an end.

Now, I was using random free servers to use data. They crashed often as well, they were slow, unreliable, and very difficult to configure. Well, I stumbled on a start up. A new kind of service. A paid service from a company that had also figured out what “p1nksn0w” was destined to be.

Now, I was personally very intrigued by them and their services. This company was, iPhoneSidekick.

Well, initially, our relationship with iPhoneSidekick was very much just a “seller-buyer” relationship. However, I saw huge potential in them.

Well, today, I am very excited to announce that we have an exclusive partnership with iPhoneSidekick to work together to bring some cool stuff to market.

This new deal not only means new, unexplored, territory for us here at LEI Mobile, but it also means great things for our readers and our customers. The LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick deal will allow you all of you on the T-Mobile Sidekick (as well as on other plans that don’t allow you to get data on, such as the AT&T GoPhone plan) to get data once more for a great low price, even better customer service, and a very easy to install method.

Well, first, let’s talk about the ease of use and installation.

Installing your new data renabler is incredibly easy! It’s very simple. You just have to hop onto our brand new “iPhoneSK” application and check out the details, and the plans.

The iPhoneSK app will be available later today. Just hop on Cydia and refresh your sources. You’ll see “iPhoneSK”, just install it to your iPhone and get going.

Now, these plans are prepay. You can cancel at anytime. Say you are going to use data one month, but not the other, yet you will the following month, you can cancel your service at anytime, there will be no cancellation fees, and you can start back up at any time.

So cancel anytime. No early termination fees. No contract, and you can choose from plans starting at just $0.99 and go to $9.99.

Now, let me talk a little more about the plans and what our new deal will bring.

Typically, iPhoneSidekick will have a $1 a month plan that just gives you very limited service. Only Safari will work. Then, their $1.99 plan will give you slightly more services, however, many applications just won’t work.

Most people, are inclined to purchasing their $9.99 plan. This gives you unrestricted access to any and all data services that the iPhone offers, super fast data speeds, that’s just $9.99 a month. Now, this would be great, however, I believe that $9.99 is a bit steep for most users.

So what do we do about this. Well, this is where our exclusive deal comes into play.

As part of our exclusive deal, we will be offering that same, unrestricted access, data plan, with unlimited data usage, the same as their $9.99 plan, for just $7.99.

Yes folks, just $7.99.

We are very excited to bring this to market. We believe that their previous $9.99 plan was great, however, the price was too steep for most customers.

So, as part of a breakthrough, revenue-sharing deal for us here at LEI Mobile, we will transfer the savings to you guys, and offer the same great features and benefits found on the $9.99 plan, but for just $7.99 a month.

So. LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick.

A breakthrough deal that is sure to boost revenues for both companies as well as doing what we set out to do from the very beginning of these talks. That is to make this more accessible and affordable for our customers.

Now, to recap on today’s announcements.

$7.99 a month unlimited data reenabler plan:

Unrestricted Web Access.
Push Notification Support
iTunes, App Store, and iBooks support
Full HTTP/HTTPS Access
All E-Mail Is Supported
All Apps Supported
Ultra Fast Speeds
Cancel Anytime
No Contract
Exclusively From Our Breakthrough Deal

iPhoneSK iPhone app:

Free Download
Cydia (BigBoss Repo)
Purchase, Manage, Change Data Plans
Fix Sidekick Data With Plans
Detailed Plan Info
Great Customer Service
Same Beautiful AVBE v2.8 Core
Access Full Services Integration
Super Fast
Super Responsive
Available later Today

So there you go guys. Thank you very much for joining us today as we launch our partnership with iPhoneSidekick and the great end-user benefits.

I hope you all take advantage of this great new plan, and if you have the $9.99 plan, I strongly suggest that you switch over to our exclusive $7.99 deal, as you will get all of the same features of the $9.99 premium plan, for less.

Thank You!

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Oh Brother: Apple Lost ANOTHER iPhone HD Prototype

Well guys, this is just ridiculous. Apple has lost a 2nd “iPhone HD” prototype. This time, it was found in Vietnam.

Apparently, the man that left with this device not only left with the iPhone, but with an iPad! Mabe a prototype iPad already!

This latest iPhone HD prototype is working (to some extent) and it looks a lot more finished up than the first iPhone prototype that was leaked just a few weeks ago.

Now, we have some more information on this strange new iPhone.

First of all, the screws on the bottom are gone. It looks a lot more polished and, well, “Applely”. A lot of people, including myself didn’t really like the screws and other weird things on the device, and it seems that Apple has fixed that.

It’s also running on some sort of diagnostic OS like other Apple prototypes do. This one is determining battery. This one is dubbed “Inferno”.

Front facing camera is still a go, as well as the bigger camera in the back of the device and the camera flash.

The device also shows “16GB” instead of the “XXGB” found on the previous device.

This also has an Apple branded chip. It may be either a new chip or a scaled down version of the A4.

Well, this may be what we see at WWDC in June! Stay tuned!

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We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE 2: It’s Live! Go update right now and go get your plans and the app is chalk full of helpful information. :)

Once again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and the trouble, we won’t let this happen again.

UPDATE: I have just shipped over the 1.0.2 update that fixes all of the issues you have been experiencing. Optimo and BigBoss have received the updated application and it should be live soon. It can take a matter of minutes or a few hours, depending on how many apps other developers are releasing today.

Alright guys, here’s the 411 on what’s going on. Look, I did correct a bug in the 1.0.1 update that went live a few hours ago. It fixed an MD5 bug.

However, what’s the REAL bug? Nothing. There is no bug at all. The code is perfect. Turns out, the “crashing bug”, isn’t a bug at all. It’s a feature.

Turns out that the iPhoneSK app had our special anti-piracy code in it. You see, it’s now standard protocol here at LEI Mobile to include some sort of anti-piracy code into apps that we send to the App Store. However, since this project was very much kept secret, even internally here at LEI Mobile, the code was mistakenly placed in the app.

Not only that, to stick to our projected launch date, I jumped the gun and forgot to give the code a final look through before I hit that nice looking “build” button in XCode.

So, we are currently giving a 3X pass through to check for any other little things we may have either added or left out.

We will be submitting this final update for this “bug” later today. You should be able to get the update either later tonight or tomorrow morning for sure.

I apologize very sincerely and offer my sincerest apologies for the stupid little mistakes and events that lead to all of these headaches.

All I can say is that I am happy that I found the bug and that it’s being corrected now.

Thank You.

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Clarification On Exclusive Deal, App Crashes, Etc.

UPDATE 2: I found the bug. We are hard at work for a fix. :) For more details on what exactly is going on, check out my press release:

We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE: I suspect this issue of the crashing app is on BigBoss’ end. It may be a permissions issue or something to that extent.

As I said, I’m in Chicago right now, and I’m trying all I can do from here.

Guys, we are not offering you a new cellular network. YOU are still gonna be on T-Mobile or whatever network you are on.

The service we are providing UNBLOCKS data service that was otherwise blocked by T-Mobile (sidekick plan) or AT&T (GoPhone plan) (for example).

However, I will be writing a tutorial soon on how to get basically free* phone service from T-Mobile and just having to pay us $98 a year (no, none of this is on contract, this is just over a 12 month period) instead of the $366+ you’d pay T-Mobile per year on the Sidekick plan.

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iPhone 4G Parts Received!

Looks like the iPhone 4G is the real deal! SmartPhoneMedic has received the iPhone 4G LCD, digitizer, and metal middle plate assembly from one of their supplies. SmartPhoneMedic is a pretty well known repair company and has some very good connections to get these pieces early. We see a June/July iPhone refresh of the iPhone every year, so this is also a good indication that the iPhone 4G is being manufactured as we speak. More details will be available at the next WWDC event.

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Apple Urges Users Not To Jailbreak In “Support” Section

Well guys, Apple has finally gone off the deep end. They have actually taken the time to write up an article on reasons on why not to jailbreak. The article was created on April 16th of this year. I stumbled on this article after getting a random tip on Twitter.

Well, Apple gives some very stupid reasons to not jailbreak. They state this in regards to jailbreaking:

Unauthorized modification of iPhone OS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues

Incoming search terms:

  • Unauthorized modification of iOS has been a major source of instability disruption of services and other issues
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